Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Puppy Love!

Remember these wee little sausages? Now they're sausages with legs. This week is the cutest week yet. Their eyes are open and they're moving around on their wee fat little legs. You can see who the big ones are now and who are the little ones. We could have stayed all morning and played with them, but they were getting tired and needed their naps.


  1. They are so so cute! I swear I'd be getting one if we were anywhere wihtin 100 miles of you! The kids are pretty cute too! :)

  2. Oh just so cute beautiful children and adorable puppies ~Great photos those would be nice to scrapbook =) Have a great day ~Love Heather

  3. You better take home seven, one for each!

  4. What beautiful pictures!

    Your kids could be models for "healthy and wholesome" :D


  5. man, they are just so super cute!!!!

  6. They are all so precious, but the chocolate ones are especially beautiful!


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