Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sixty Seconds on Tuesday

I'm joining Jenny at Just a Minute for Sixty Seconds on Tuesday again this week. The goal of Sixty Seconds on Tuesday is to capture a brief moment from everyday life.

My little blondies drying their hair over the central air. Do it now little girls because in a few short weeks the central air will lay idle again until summer returns in all its wondrous beauty.

I hope you're all taking time out today day to enjoy those unrepeatable moments of beauty, wonder, or sheer joy! If you'd like to add your own Sixty Seconds feel free to stop by Jenny's and add your link.


  1. What a fun picture, Deborah. You girls are lovely!

  2. I love this picture, Deborah. The girls look like they have halos around them. They are truly angels!

  3. I noticed in one of the puppy pictures what beautiful hair your girls have. Love this picture and the big smiles.

  4. How cute! I used to dry my long hair over the heat vents! Now that I think about it, how dusty I must have been! Your girls DO have lovely hair!

  5. Your girls are beautiful and are going to make such excellent and fun-loving big sisters!

    The sun through their blowing hair...pleasing indeed!

  6. so sweet, now they are very energy efficient!

  7. What a fun moment! Love their expressions!

    And - on the technical side - the backlighting is great.


  8. Oh my gosh - this is too cute!

    Wanted to let you know too that I have misplaced your email (can't find it in my address book for some reason). Hubby was let go from his job two days ago. We knew it was going to happen sooner or later, just hoped for later. We're trying really hard to get business for the company he opened. He's done a bit of work, but not enough to keep us afloat for good. (I'm not saying anything about it on the blog though).

    Also, check out http://blogs.nwf.org/arctic_promise/2010/08/tagging-a-sea-turtle.html David warned me he might include us. Ack!


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