Monday, February 27, 2017

Still on a Declutter Kick

Another month has flown by since I last blogged. I find it hard to blog when I don't really have much to blog about -- or a least not much that my two readers would care to read. 😏

 I continue to be on a decluttering kick. It's a slow process though because my days are filled with pleasant interruptions: coffee dates with friends, much taxiing of children and other special things like university students home on reading break. Embarrassingly, there are a few areas where I just cannot -- or rather do not want to declutter. The one is my craft stuff, and the other is photos/memorabilia. Can you say overkill? I plan to change over to digital scrapbooking one day, but right now I want to use up what I have. It's pretty hard to use up what I have though when I don't even scrapbook anymore. I've set a goal to start again this summer. However, I REFUSE to buy more stuff. I am going to make due with what I have.

 Scrapbooking and card making stuff -- including two boxes of ribbon.

 More scrapbooking stuff and various idea books.

 These hold craft supplies for the kids as well as stamps and stamping products.

 My ridiculously huge wool stash.

Paper and stickers, among other things.

We have been blessed with a large home that allows for this sort of excess, but that doesn't mean I like it. I have already said to the Engineer that when our children all start leaving the nest, it is going to be time to downsize. I would like to see another large family put this house to good use. Do you think I can be picky about our buyer? Looking for: large, busy family to buy and enjoy our house and property as much as we do/did!

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  1. I too have way too much scrap book stuff left hanging around. I did, however, change over to digital years ago but I want to re-do my wedding album so I plan on workin in that this summer.

    I like when you post... so keep them coming :)


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