Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Touques {and an Afghan}

I found this pattern for a knitted hat on Pinterest (where else? 😀). I knitted the first four in a solid colour. The pattern was easy to follow and they were turning out well, so then I decided to get creative. Stripes!! The remainder of the hats all have a stripe or two or many in them. They are knit in the round. If you are a knitter and have knit using round needles, you know that knitting in the round will put your stripes off kilter (think of a giant spiral) each time you start a new colour row. I even learned how to fix that! I am becoming a little addicted to wool. I made an afghan for Peach, have one started for Beans, and one planned for our master bedroom.

These belong to the four youngest. The pink ones being the three youngest.

Next was Nathanael and his girlfriend's.

Then came the bumblebee hats as I called them. These were for Peach and two of her high school friends who ended up at the same university and in the same dorm. These are their dorm colours.

Next were the ones for Beans and her boyfriend.

Then I knit this and and crocheted a neck warmer for me. I think I wore it once with the coat I planned it for and then the zipper broke on the coat. I do not fix zippers, so I had to get a new coat because it was COLD out. My new coat is black so...

I made myself and the Engineer matchy hats. His is the one with the stripe.

During the holidays, I made this one just for fun. I call it the accordion hat. 😊 Beans just thinks it is ugly. Oh well!! I think it is fun. I don't know who is going to wear it, so for now it goes in the bag of random-hats-I-made-just-because.

Last, but not least is the afghan I crocheted for Peach. The wool comes in a mixed yarn ball that you see in the background. These photos were taken when it was not quite completed. It was already dog approved however. 😃

There were a few other knitting and crocheting projects I completed, but they are currently not around for photographing, so they will have to wait for another day.

I have switched from knitting to crocheting for now because I can take most crocheting anywhere and not worry about dropping stitches.


  1. Oh my! Beautiful hats. You do fine work!

  2. Love love love your stripey hats :D AND the dog-approved afghan - sure looks soft and cozy!

  3. Very creative, Deborah! Thanks for sharing and inspiring the rest of us 💕


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