Tuesday, December 8, 2015


In my severe blogging absence, I did find time to do some things. They were simple knitting or crochet projects that I could pick up and put down without worrying about counting or markers or any other such thing that detail projects take. I am still horrible when it comes to gauge. I didn't think it would matter too much with hats, but as I discovered the other night when the hat I knit myself once again slid up my head and fell off without me knowing, gauge is even important for hats.  I realized that I really really need to take the time to figure this whole gauge thing out!

Anyways, here's the crazy assortment of hats I made:

 Some of the ones at the top were on the loom. I'm pretty sure my girls made those -- and not me.

 These three all have a pretty good shape, and I like the stripey ones.

 I'm pretty sure on these ones, I didn't have my decreasing figured out properly.

 These are the most recent ones. Their shape looks good, but they are just too loose to stay on most heads.

For the wee ones. They need warm heads too!

The Ladies' Auxillary in our church did a knitted hat drive for somewhere (I forget where), so I donated these.In the meantime, I have mastered crocheting a granny square, and actually making my dishcloths square when crocheting.


  1. Loved catching up on your blog Deborah! Beautiful hats by the way - I have yet to learn how to knit or crochet. (my 13 yr old brother is already ahead of me) I chuckle reading your blog because it portrays so much of my family's life. Big family, stay at home mom, adoption/learning problems...I like to think God works in mysterious ways, through the people we connect with in our lives. So glad I ran into your blog many years ago!

    Have a wonderful (yet chaotic of course) Christmas season! Tell your kiddos Merry Christmas from Minnesota!


  2. I'm so glad you're back to blogging - whenever you have the time is FINE. And the hats are adorable! I'm sure there are heads they'll fit :D

    1. Totally agree with Julie! Super glad to see you back in the "bloggy world" :-)


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