Sunday, December 6, 2015

Living in Denial

Here it is six days into December, and I continue to live in denial that this is the season of joy. The season of light. The season of Christ's birth. This year it has been the season of complete exhaustion (so far). It doesn't show any signs of getting any better over the next week or two.

The homeschooling is going okay, but at the same time I am so frustrated with the way they learn -- or rather don't learn. I want to think that after them living here for over four years, in a strictly English speaking family, that they would speak more clearly by now. I had hoped that they would be thinking for themselves. Neither of these have happened -- at least not regularly.

One of the girls is seeing an educational psychologist and we hope to have the other one see him in the new year because we are beginning to suspect some level/type of ADHD.

Last year, I got to experience my time being fully my own. This year because I am homeschooling again that of course does not happen. Up until June, I had a beautiful routine of cleaning, baking, tidying, and ridding our home of excess junk stuff. Since the summer holidays began the house has fallen further and further into disarray, baking gets done only on a much needed loud complaint basis, and cleaning? Well that hasn't happened much at all either.

Fortunately because the craft room has now become the school room, the storage room has really been living up to its name, and the craft room stays relatively tidy. Just don't try to find anything in the one end of the storage room.

Yesterday, the Engineer had to take care of some family business and I was left to ferry children to and from Christmas related events. I'm coming down with a cold, and on Tuesday I get to have a colonoscopy. What was I thinking letting them book me for one of those babies in December!?

Ah well. This too shall pass. Nothing a couple of good night's sleeps and a good body cleansing won't cure. :oD!

On the bright side, it's not all doom and gloom. I still get to go to my weekly ladies Bible study thanks to the generous grandbaby sitting of my parents. Annnnd! I coached volleyball again this year. I would say that it's quite therapeutic for me. I coached the boys again this year. Having only one son, I get a real kick out of spending time with twelve of them at one time. They are quite the bunch. They surprised me by making it all the way to the finals this year and winning the pennant. We've come close a couple years with teams that we really thought would win the pennant, these boys surprised us! I couldn't be prouder. They all worked hard and were nothing short of amazing on game day.

Finally, even better!? The girls took home the pennant this year too!! Can you find my girlie?


  1. Every time I get behind on blogs I regret it! Especially when I get back to yours! Joy will come x

  2. Good job! I'm glad you have that outlet :D


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