Monday, December 14, 2015

Loafing {and the Weekend}

I loafed around today. Did nothing but read a good book -- and well I did do my workout too. I better have, since I also ate bon bons :o). The girls' school work still got finished, and in the meantime I finished my book. I would call it a good day!

On Saturday, we had our family Christmas with the Engineer's side of the family. It was different, but good. We were the hosts this year for the first time ever. Since Mom is gone, we all felt that this year should be as different as possible. Different place, different date, different time, and even different food. There were sentimental moments, but there was also lots of fun, laughter, and joy -- thanks to the precious great grandchildren.

On Sunday, we had our church Christmas dinner. I got smart this year and signed up as soon as I could to bring buns. Pretty easy since Peach works at a marvelous bakery! I needed buns for Saturday too, so I just put in my order and voila! On Saturday morning, I sent Nathanael and Peach (she actually took the day off) to pick up delicious smelling, super fresh buns! We ate a bunch on Saturday, and then Sunday morning dropped several more dozen off in the kitchen, so the volunteers could get the tables ready for the evening.

I was in charge of getting the Children's Worship children ready for their part in the evening. What a hoot! They were all so cute!! Even my Wise Guys -- as I called them. They were the oldest boys; almost a little too cool for costumes, but not when you can be wise. :o)

 The adorable Mary and Joseph.

Of course with children, you never know what will happen. One sweet little guy got a major case of stage fright and tore off the stage in tears and another little guy dropped his candy mid song. He popped it back in quick enough to avoid the five second rule.

They did a fantastic job and definitely stole the show!


  1. Good for you for making new traditions when life changes. And I LOVE the pics of your (church) littles with their bathrobes and tinsel halos :D

  2. Looks like your Christmas celebrations have been sweet and full of celebrating Jesus!

  3. Merry Christmas dear Deborah! My heart hurts with you over the lose of your mother. I still miss mine. Your photos and words were wonderful to see and read.

  4. you're making sweet memories.
    God bless you and Merry Christmas.


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