Monday, August 11, 2014

Peanut's Pixie

Peanut's hair is an enigma. In her referral picture, she was teeny tiny, and had short hair. It was cute, but kinda made her look older than she was. From the time we got her, her hair has truthfully driven me just a tad crazy. It's always fuzzy looking -- like it has loads of split ends and always looks like it is in serious need of a cut. The other day she drove me to the brink of desperation. She will walk around all day with it sticking up everywhere, and hanging in her eyes and not even ask me to fix it. She could care less whether it's long or short, so short it is! I looked up how to do a pixie cut on you tube and went from there.

Even this short it poofs!! Oh, and here's the tutorial I found. He was easy to follow and the instructions are simple and clear -- at least they were for me, and I have absolutely no hairdressing experience.


  1. Oh, what a cutie she is! A real spit-fire, I know. And one day the Lord will direct that strong will and use it for His glory :-)

  2. She looks absolutely adorable! And hey, I always figure you can take a risk with hair, because it just keeps growing back :D



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