Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Veggie Garden

Last fall, we decided to move the vegetable garden to a new location. It hadn't been growing well -- particularly at the back end -- as it had been in previous years. My mom gave us the great idea of moving it to where our pool usually sits, and moving the pool to the sadly producing garden, so once the pool was down, we heaped what was to be our new garden full of fallen maple leaves.

Then this spring, the Engineer ran the rototiller through it, dumped the compost on it, and mixed it in as well. He also fenced it for us, to keep the dogs out. The stinkers just jump the fence and one large stinker will eat the beans.

Things were planted just a little too close together and some spots in the garden never grew. We still don't know whether there is too much leaf mold in the garden yet, it's too compacted, or whether the cool wet spring had an affect on it, but in the last few weeks we've been enjoying fresh vegetables. We've eaten lettuce, spinach, beans, some tomatoes, lots of zucchini, a cucumber or two, and are just now starting on potatoes.

Next year we will make a stronger fence and add a gate. I will turn the garden with the fork. I want it to be a no till garden to keep as many of the beneficial bugs as possible. We'll add compost again and plant with much anticipation.

 My handsome hubby digging taters.

 The overgrown jungle.

 Pumpkins. Pumpkins!?!? What was I thinking growing pumpkins!?

 Cucumbers. The vines look sad already. Pretty sure we won't be getting many.

 Nasturtiums because they're so pretty!

 A couple giant zukes and a baby one too.

 Pole beans.

The pool. Yup! We'd heard it was going to be a cooler than average summer, so we took them (whoever "they" are) at their word and didn't bother to set it up. Good call!! It has been a BEAUTIFUL summer, but it really hasn't been hot, so there sits the pool. Would anyone like to come for a swim? ;o)



  1. Sorry to see that your cucumbers aren't doing well. There is a bumper crop of them down here. Everyone keeps asking me if I want some as they can't seem to keep up. It used to be like that with zucchini, I remember, but nobody has offered me any of those in years (not even the baseball bat sized ones I so love to bake with) and my own plants are not producing anything so far this year. :( The heritage tomatoes I saved seeds from the past two years are doing great though :)

  2. I love gardens, any kind of garden makes me happy. Love your nastutiums...what gems!

  3. Gorgeous! I am about to go outside to pick cucs! I have to put my gloves on!
    I hope all is well with you and yours, friend.

  4. Did you know that you can eat pumpkin leaves? They are delicious cooked in coconut cream with a little bit of salt and curry. Just take the last four leaves on the vine and boil them up :-)

  5. You have lots of luscious looking veggies growing - we only have tomatoes on our balcony. Sigh. Still, what lovely soup you can make with those pumpkins - onions, garlic, chilli, and ginger, plus chopped up pumpkin and covonut milk and vegetable stock. I LOVE it!


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