Sunday, June 1, 2014

Time for Some Catch Up

This blog has become very much our family scrapbook. The children love to have a peek at it every so often, so I can't stop blogging. It's also great for me to help me remember things. There are many of you whom I love to visit! I consider you my friends (I trust you know who you are!) even though we have never met in real life. I want to keep blogging, but truthfully I feel guilty when I blog and you stop by and say hello and I'm not saying hello back. I want to and I try when I have snippets of time. We're in a season of our family's lives where things are just very busy -- and I'm not trying to glorify the busyness -- it's truthfully the way it is. There is always someone who needs to be somewhere, or something that has to be done -- preferably yesterday :o). Because this blog is a way of keeping a history for our children as well as myself I am going to continue to try to blog as much as possible, despite the fact that it's growing season here which makes life even crazier. I think the last couple of years, I took the summer off, but so much happens in the summer that I don't want to do that this year. I hope to blog quite regularly, so I can keep the memories for our children. When I'm not feeling overwhelmed with life (which truthfully happens a LOT here) I will stop by and visit my blogging friends, but if I don't, please don't feel that I've forgotten you.  I haven't! I think of and pray for my blogging friends often! And I love reading your posts!

Now without further ado, our lives in photographs from the last few weeks!

Monday, May 26 marked the three year anniversary of the final leg of our adoption journey. We were on a flight to Manila the Philippines to meet our three youngest daughters and bring them home! This year it was also the day for a first piano recital of the two older ones. They did so well!! It's amazing what a difference three years can make!

Earlier in the month was prom. Wow! If it was this big an event for the Boy, I can only imagine what it's going to be like for the girls! It's all we heard about for weeks!

Nathanael and one of his best friends, Hendrik.

For Nathanael a major part of this was about the shoes. He obviously lives in a predominantly female household because he spent hours studying shoes. Maddie, his date on the other hand, waited until the bitter end to buy her shoes. She makes me smile!

The high school friends.


This photo and the one that follows were requested by the boys. It's what a little photo editing will do. I'm still not fond of the blending of the grass to the water in the second photo, so I will have to do some more playing with it, but the effect the boys were looking for is there. :o) Can you say, "Bond?!"

Nathanael and his date Madi with his cousin Nik (different school, but also had prom) and his girlfriend Ali.

Next was field day with another local Christian school. The girls all did really well. Beans and Bella even moved on to District field day this coming week. 

Beans also had a baseball tournament this past Friday. She has come such a long way athletically. When she started at school in grade five, she hated anything to do with athletics. Now she works very hard to do well and actually genuinely likes some sports. I think it helps that one of her closest friends is very athletic and encourages her to do well also.

Well, that's it for the big things for now. Hopefully I will find opportunities to post more stuff over the next week or two. I have to chat about a Roomba, the garden, my tidy craft room, books I've read, my failed book ban, etc.




  1. I can't believe how big your kids are getting! 3 years already?!

  2. The kids are growing like crazy! You ARE a busy bee! Fret not about visiting and commenting. I don't mind at all. Take care. You look beautiful!

  3. Oh gosh, my friend, no apologies, okay?! Your kids are getting so grown up! And Bub... what a hipster :D


  4. Please do not give up blogging...I can so relate to what you say about posting and I feel sometimes, okay this is the last post. And I too do not have the time to read my favorite blogs on a daily or even weekly basis, but I do finally get the time to check in often enough, and it is wonderful to see all that is happening in your world. I am seeing your children grow up!!!
    These pictures are precious.

  5. I totally and completely understand :) no worries at all!!!! I decided to take an unprecedented summer off from blogging, but it too is my family scrapbook so I'll have to get back to it in the fall :) Blessings!!


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