Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It's currently very wet out right now. We had a big storm go through. I'm very tired. I spent all day working in the gardens. Now that spring has finally taken hold here, I am out in the gardens almost every day. We have maple seedlings everrryyyyywhere! Last year was a bumper drop year for sure. This year looks like more of the same if I look at the one tree by the rhubarb patch.

Speaking of rhubarb, we've enjoyed three pies so far and put some rhubarb in the freezer for winter. I have another big pile on the porch that I have to get at soon. Tomorrow though I have a couple other things on the agenda and gardening isn't one of them. This is that time of year where I have no idea how I will even be able to keep up -- never mind getting caught up.

Lots has been going on and I need to load some photos, but for now, just so you know, we're here, healthy, and enjoying the warm weather and countdown to summer holidays!



  1. We've got rain today, too, and a garden waiting to be weeded - *sigh*. It IS a crazy time of year! But I'm glad to see you poking your head back out in "the internets" :D


  2. Enjoy your rhubarb and your summer!!~Love Heather

  3. So glad to hear your update. The rhubarb sounds so good… We don't have any growing, but I love it very much. I have always had a little difficulty growing it here, but I think I need to try again and research some strategies, because it really is a favorite. We are beginning our gardening also, and happy for warmer weather; we are even getting a little rain, which is wonderful.

  4. blessings in the final mad-rush-end-of-the-school-year weeks!!! Especially with a graduation thrown in there too :)


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