Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Driven to Dristraction

I was doing so well with posting and reading blogs more frequently when suddenly I disappear again. I've been driven to distraction these days with the most obsessive desire to tidy, sort, and purge all the excess, unwanted, unneeded, and unused stuff in our home. I'm almost annoyed by the fact that I have to leave the house to go do other things of value and necessity. Out of curiosity, I weighed the bags that departed our threshold yesterday. 94lbs!! Yes, 94 lbs of stuff that does not need to be in our home any longer. Earlier in the week I passed on all the out grown clothing and foot wear of our youngest child. (Yay, she's finally growing!)

All the winter woollies have been washed, sorted, and put away, or given away until at least November, hopefully! I attacked our basement "closets" to get rid of any extra and long unworn outerwear. From there I went to the storage room. I had to pull out all the spring/summer clothes and get the girls to try them on. It's a huge ordeal and takes many hours to complete. Sometimes I wish their closets were big enough for them to keep everything in them, but I can just imagine the wacky outfits that would start appearing.

All the cardboard boxes hold the off season clothing. It looks like a LOT, but there are six girls to clothe and I hang on to all the sizes until it no longer fits the youngest. That door to the left is my cold storage. It holds all my canning and canning jars as well as hides my peanut butter hording stash. Notice all the pineapple on the shelf to the right of the door. Yes, I hoard pineapple too -- as well as toilet paper and Kleenexes. They however are distributed accordingly throughout the house. :o)

Yup! Even some open space on the shelves. Do you like all our Barba Papas staring you down? They make me smile every time I walk into the room.

Once that was all done, I went through the rest of the room and got rid of more stuff. Old science and history fair projects, long forgotten toys, and knick knacks, etc. Once it was all picked up, sorted, and things were put in their proper places again, I swept the floor and smiled. It wasn't as bad as I thought!

Here is my project for the next week or so though.

This one will be HUGE! How can one family collect so much stuff? If I can get through this mess, I should be less distracted and be able to get back to Blogdomville again!

I'm inspired by a blogging friend at Rambling On. She's on a year long quest to declutter her home -- and doing very well at it I would say.

Is anyone else being driven to distraction by getting their home back in order?


  1. Me me me! I am mostly done (I still have school books to go through and just keep ignoring them) as our neighborhood had our opportunity to have a g-sale early last month. I went through everything in our downstairs (my kids are all too big for me to go through their things but the girls particularly cleaned out well) and sold most of it and made really good money. It feels good to be rid of stuff and to have money to buy things to cozy up the house. Good for you! You have made good use of your storage space!

  2. Wow!! Your work is inspiring. :) I have a storage room just waiting to be organized, too. It's disastrous! You've given me some inspiration, though, and may have to tackle that horrid room this summer.

  3. Thanks for plugging my blog Deborah. You have certainly been busy this week, and I invite you (and any of your friends who want to get in on this) to add this blog post to the current week of de-cluttering posts at as we do tend to spur each other on. I have not managed to write up my de-cluttering this week, such as it was, as we have been busy moving my son from one apartment to another. I'm just thankful I'm not the one who has to put all his stuff away! LOL

  4. My first thought was, "Are you pregnant, Deborah?" That nesting instinct, you know. Super proud of you for taking good care of your sweet family (and yourself) by de-cluttering! Now, would you like a trip to a tropical island in the Pacific to help a "de-cluttering challenged" friend?!?

  5. I love clean out and organizing posts… they always inspire me to do likewise. Yours looks great. Love those pink "Barba Papa's"? I don't know what they are, but they are very cute. Getting organized helps me think straight. I look forward to seeing your next project.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I just started getting the declutter bug. With a nursing baby and 2 toddlers it is going very slowly.

  7. I love your terminology "driven to distraction". That is what keeps me from posting and reading blogs most of the time. I take a inadvertent hiatus and before I know it many days have elapsed and I do think I shall never return! Organinzing/ decluttering is one of my distractions too, even though I do not think of the time that organization eats up as a distraction. But I even get distracted while organinzing and it might not always get done completely. But you have impressed me with your job well-done!

  8. I long to declutter our home too….just not enough time. Oh how I would love love love for you to come and help me :)

  9. and PS, I think your space looks great!!! :)


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