Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rodney, our Roomba 565 (The Pet Roomba)

When Nathanael saw the box for the Roomba 565, he snorted, and informed me that it was a first world toy. I told him that I was aware of that, but six girls with loooong hair, and two dogs who want to be with their peoples all the time is a first world problem for me.

Rodney has become my sanity saver. If we were extremely wealthy first worlders, I would have Rodney, Rowena, and Rhoda, meaning I would have a Roomba on every floor.

Rodney does not do a perfect job, nor does it mean I never have to vacuum, but he certainly keeps the dust dragons away. Sometimes I even like to run him twice a day, but I do like to be home when he does his work because he occasionally gets stuck under the buffet and/or under the kitchen table. If you have furniture that does not have the awkward little quirks like mine does, you can totally put your Roomba on a timer and let him do the dirty work while you are not at home.

He's not annoying in the least -- just a large hum and the occasional bonking noise as he rotates himself around. Although, the kids like to think he is evil and follows them around. :o) I clean him after each run that he does because he only has a very little storage area for the thousand lbs of dog and people hair he collects in our house.

Cleaning him is easy peasy, and still takes waaaay less time than it does for me to sweep my main floor. I clean him every time he has completed a run, so that all I have to do is hit the start button the next time he needs to do some dirty work. :o)  I think he has to be my favourite first world toy!

Note: This review was not endorsed by anyone. It is just for my friends who are interested in whether or not I thought he was worth the $$.


  1. Sounds fabulous! (You have nothing to apologize for :D)


  2. I think I want one.

    I hope you are enjoying summer!

  3. My daughter in law got one at a garage sale a few years ago, and she loves it. She has all wood floors and it just keeps the dust and hair up wonderfully. Like you say it doesn't replace the vacuum completely, but it sure helps. If we had tile or wood floors more through out the house, I would love to have one too… and as for first world toys; well, I think of it like this, the Proverbs 31 woman had her servant girls right? so these kinds of things can be thought of as modern day servant girls. Haha. Fun post. Have a great week,

  4. I know a lady who has to cage her Roomba under a laundry basket at night or her cat turns it on. Actually, she has four dogs and two cats. I think that one cat must really like it. LOL I often think I'd like one too, but then I'd have to find someplace else to store all the thing I keep under the bed.


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