Monday, June 23, 2014

Grade 8 Class Trip

This is the second time we have had the privilege of attending as drivers and chaperones on the grade 8 class graduation trip. It is always a lot of fun and sometimes quite enlightening to see these kiddos outside a classroom setting.

Some of the kids in this group are not fond of being away from home, some are afraid of heights, and I'm sure there were some other fears that needed to be overcome as well. So this was a big thing for a lot of these kids.

Despite a bit of rain at times where it didn't really matter, it was a fantastic three days. I think all the kids had a fabulous time! The Engineer and I as their chaperones enjoyed it very much!

A few highlights:

 Canoeing through the locks.

 Our overnight campsite.

 Fishing. The boys were up at 5:20 am the next morning to fish.

 How not to do archery. ;o)

 High ropes instruction.

 Walking the cat walk.

 Doing the possom.

 Some pre-swimming discussion.

 A games night while it stormed outside.

Climbing Mt. Moriah.

Love these kids!! What a great three days!


  1. This is so cool… I have not checked your blog in awhile. Your boy graduated! Your kids are growing up so fast! Great pics! Awesome!

  2. It sure looks like you all were at the same place our second oldest daughter went to for her grade 8 class trip. They went the end of May and had a great time!!!

    Our daughter graduated last week as well. :)

  3. I really admire how involved you are in your kids' lives :) looks like a super fun trip!!


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