Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Graduate

Last Wednesday, we had another graduation. Bean's graduating class of eleven students is probably one of the sweetest classes you could ever meet. This class started with ten students. It grew and shrank temporarily by one or two students once or twice since they started in kindergarten, but the only one who topped it out at eleven and stayed was our Beans. Unfortunately her arrival changed the dynamics a bit for the girls and it was in those grade 5/6 years when girls can be well, a little hormonal, we'll say. Initially it was a bit of a struggle for her. She became the fifth wheel for the girls.

By grade 8, Beans had finally found her niche and she chose not to spend a lot of time with the grade 8 girls, but rather two of the grade 7 girls. (Fortunately split classes enable these sort of things.) Her other close girlfriends did not attend her school -- and well, there is this boy in her class, that has made her four years in school (reminder: we homeschooled before) all worth it. Yeah, she has a boy best friend at school. Much to her sorrow however, he is moving away. However, she WILL see him again as most of their family lives around here, but it will all depend on how much they are willing to share him. :o)

Yes. Both in cowboy boots and both in yellow, their favourite colour.

These two are country kids through and through. We can dress them up, but we can't take the country out of them. :o)

L-R: bestie from church, grade 7 classmate, Beans, and her bestie from our homeschooling years. One grade 7 bestie was missing.

Waaaaa hoooo!!

Love these girls!

Diploma time! Our school principal. Her teacher in the background.

Congratulations Beans, on a fantastic finish! From starting out battling Mom on writing to actually saving all your writing. We are proud of you and all that you have accomplished! We love you LOTS!



  1. Wow! Good for her! She is beautiful!

  2. Woo-hoo! Another "Well Done" to you :D

  3. Congratulations to your graduates. Beans is beautiful and those pictures are beautiful. Your son's picture on the previous post looks wonderful also. It looks like you have a lot happening in your home this season. The class trip looked great. We never had such wonderful class trips; its nice to see the kids doing those things. All is very special.

  4. what beautiful pictures :) Congratulations on another milestone!!


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