Saturday, June 21, 2014

First High School Graduate

The four coloured sash is the combination of the two schools colours. Nathanael chose to wear it for several reasons.

The graduation of Nathanael's high school class of 2014 happened this past Sunday afternoon. It was a class of 260 students. There's a long story behind the size of the class, but it boils down to a very smooth, long in the works amalgamation of two local Catholic high schools. Thus it was also a commencement of historical proportions, as it was the first graduating class of the combined and yet still somewhat individual schools. According to Nathanael it was a great year and the amalgamating of the schools was nothing to be upset about despite him feeling that way in September. His only disappointment? Not being able to attend the newly renovated, largely expanded high school where he spent his first three years. This last year was spent in the rather outdated original catholic high school. However, it did have its perks too. Like a popular coffee shop very near by, right Bub?

If you look closely, you can see three sash styles. Two belonging to each of the original schools and one that represents the combination of the schools. MANY students chose to wear the four coloured sash. That was neat to see!

Even though it was over two hours long, it was a beautiful and very Christian service. It was encouraging -- and a blessing. Nathanael and two classmates played a song that one of the girls wrote that was dedicated to the graduating class. It was a lovely and special piece.

Nathanael accompanying the girls on his kajone that his grampa made for him.

Receiving his mock diploma. At this point they hadn't even started writing exams yet. Official diplomas will be sent out later this summer.

Pretending to be a Harry Potter character.

I can't believe my baby will be flying off to new things in the fall. He's excited and ready. In many ways I am looking forward to him starting this new stage in his life. He's going to have a LOT to learn not only academically, but about life. I know that with the grace of God, we gave him the best start we could, so now it's time to leave it up to prayer and God's strength and grace. Godspeed dear son! We love you very much!!


  1. Congratulations to Nathanael and to you for raising a fine young man. I love the Harry Potter like image. He's flying off to a magical new beginning.

  2. Congrats to your son!!!!!! Big accomplishment!!!! :)

  3. Congratulations!!!! I feel teary just thinking of mine graduating…I pray I am confident in the start we gave them too and ready to see them thrive! Blessings to you all!!!


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