Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Paring Down the Recipe Stash

As much as I love recipe books and pouring over recipes, I have decided that it's time to shrink the piles. I had this box choc FULL of recipes. Many were already torn from their magazines, but there were many more in magazines and booklets just waiting to be poured over for decision making.

I got off to a great start in early January, but all that came to a grinding halt for whatever reason. The piles were moved to and fro until they ended up in the basket, where they joined uncompleted knitting projects, various library books, other books that children were/are reading, a workbook from one of the girls, as well as the multiple books that I continually have on the go.

Then my fellow blogging friend at Rambling On who has been working on decluttering her home for eight weeks now, reminded me in her most recent post that I had better get back to it. So, I did!

The library books and other books belonging to the children have either been re-shelved or are waiting for the kids on the kitchen island for when they can and will return them to their rightful homes. My on-the-go books and knitting projects are back in the basket where they belong. The magazines have been bagged and are ready for a trip to the thrift store. And this is what remains of my recipes.

I will go through this baggie again in the next week or so and pare them down some more. Currently waiting to go out the door are four bags of various stuff. Much of it is coats, as I did go through our off season storage area earlier this month. Some of it is clothing and there are of course the magazines, a few books, and some various other items too. All said for January and February, 35 lbs of stuff was removed from our home. Why and how do we continue to accumulate so. much. stuff?



  1. Seeing your organizing is inspiring. I put all my recipes (from magazines etc). into plastic sleeves and into a 2 3 ring binders. I love it that way. I always think I am going to tidy them up scrapbook style... but seem to get to it; maybe someday. It a project waiting.

  2. I bet this inspired you to keep going even more. I applaud you, Deborah! I don't know how you find the time to do this kind of stuff.

  3. Way to go Deborah!!! I'm so glad I inspired you to do this, and I'm glad you reminded me that I have to get back to my own recipe file. Actually, once again I found myself searching for a recipe I had purchased the ingredients for yesterday. It's been sitting on top of my microwave the past two weeks, waiting for me to have everything needed. I ended up with unexpected company, and stashed any visible clutter. Who knows where I put the darn thing! This is why I really want my recipes filed for easy retrieval.
    I'm so glad you decided to join us in our de-cluttering mission.

  4. I'm glad that you've joined us in the De-Clutter Project. You are doing well so far.

  5. awesome!!!! I have a ridiculous amount of stuff accumulated too. someday….


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