Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some More Finished Projects

Here are some more projects that I have finished over the past month and a half or so.

 Two different infinity neck scarves. The wool is the same, but they fit differently.

 Some hot pads, and two dish rags.
 This was a denim skirt that was too short for anyone here's liking. It's now a cute purse.

 I haven't quite on to the knack of crocheting. This neck warmer gradually worked its way wider from top to bottom, so I made it into a shawl for peanut.
 A birthday present for a sweet friend of Bean's even though Squirt is modelling it.
 A birthday present for a sweet friend of Squirt's even though Beans is modelling it. :o)
A loom knit hat. These are fun because one can be made in a few hours.
 My first ever circle skirt! This is flowey, bouncy fabric. It twirls beautifully!
Make up removal pads for the girls. I'm getting tired of forking out $$ for the disposable kind and want to be kinder to the landfill.

 I still don't feel I posses any major talent in one area over another, but it keeps my hands busy and my mind working, which makes me happy.


  1. Love your creativity! Looks like you have fun using your gifts to bless others :-)

  2. I love your projects very much. They are inspiring and beautiful. I love to crochet, but can't seem to get a project finished in the last couple of years…. I need to just do it. I can knit a little, but am not that great at it. Would love to have a knitting or crocheting group to work with now and then, I think that would help me stay more consistent.

  3. You have been busy with cute projects! Very nice. Your girls sure are growing, too.

  4. You are amazing! How do you find the time? I'm proud of you.

  5. I thought you said you just got around to making the circle skirt, and now you show us all this! Wow. I really can't figure out where you find the time. I haven't managed to even touch a paint brush since Christmas and I don't have any kids at home! You are Superwoman! Absolutely LOVE that purse idea, by the way!


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