Friday, February 7, 2014

Entering a New Stage of Life

It will be a good long time before we are empty nesters, but we're on the road to a new stage of life here. Bub will be leaving the nest come September. It's exciting and scary for all of us! I think his sister, Peach will miss him the most of all his sisters. They are best friends and she happily follows in his footsteps for many things. She might be a little lost for a little while, but she'll find her way again, and I'm sure they'll Skype each other regularly. Hip hip hooray for modern technology!

After much deliberation, a trip to the University Fair, and prayer, the Boy narrowed it down to three universities. He has heard from two -- and the third one he isn't worried about because it was his last pick anyway. Of the two who have accepted him, the one he has not seen. It's his second choice, but I think he might still go and check the place out just to make sure. His first choice however, also happens  to be the Engineer's alma mater. Bub is not going into his dad's program, but I think the Engineer is pretty pleased that he's planning on going to the same school.

Because the Boy is social justice minded, extroverted, very artistic, and totally loves the idea of running his own business, he it taking Global Business and Digital Arts at the University of Waterloo. (Soon I am going to get him to do a couple of guest posts for me. (One will be about his art from this year and one will be about the mission work he will be doing in Nicaragua in March.) To say that he is excited, just might be an understatement. :o)

Have a blessed weekend!



  1. It might just be the Engineer who misses him most. He'll be the only male left in the house. Scary thought. LOL

  2. Nice! I bet you are very proud of your good boy.

  3. Wishing your son all the best we can blog about it together!! Noah will be attending a community college then the plan is to transfer to SDSU and then off to Vet School we get to have a few more years with him home ...but this summer when he gets a job and is driving I am sure the dynamics will change so much. And he will be my first Homeschool Graduate!! Wow do agree it seems to have gone by so quickly I can hardly believe it!! ~Love Heather

  4. Wow that's awesome! I'm a Junior this year so I've been college searching too and it is pretty crazy thinking I'll have to leave my family in just over a year. Congrats to him! :)


  5. SUPER excited for you guys (and praying lots for all of you in the upcoming transitions!).

  6. He sounds like a really cool guy--I'm excited for him getting into his top choices!! Hard to believe he'll be heading to college soon! I've been reading your blog since he was 15! :)
    Blessings to you all!!!

  7. Waterloo was probably my favourite city to live in during my college years in Ontario. There's a lot to do and see (there are so many festivals in the KW town squares), fantastic churches, and some really great museums, restaurants, and shoppes. It's also has excellent public transportation around the Universities and into the downtown core, which will be very helpful for him to see some of the city during his studies. Such an exciting transition!!


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