Monday, February 17, 2014

Just Stuff

I have gone AWOL again haven't I? All is well. We've been healthy, but with being healthy, it also means being busy. Here's a little capture of what's been happening since my last post.

 1) The Boy leaves for Nicaragua in 18 days! Huh? How did that happen? On Sunday, their team got together to go over the work they will be doing there, logistics, etc. Bub said it was a good day.

2) Today is/was the newer Ontario holiday called Family Day. We did our family thing on Saturday (with a few extra children thrown in for good measure) and went tubing. I think Bright Eyes just might have a future in one of those fast paced winter sports like bobsled, luge, or skeleton. She LOVED it! I wish I could have captured her expressions on video. Completely priceless. Sheer joy!

3) The Engineer and three oldest children went skiing last weekend. It was the first time for Beans and she did really well. She's been a little sore and stiff since, with some nice bruises from all her wipeouts, but is already looking forward to next year's trip.

 4) I broke down and bought a carpet/upholstery cleaner. Figured in the long run it would be cheaper to have my own and be able to clean my furniture when I was ready rather than on someone else's schedule. The furniture in the great room looks much better, but sadly the cleaner doesn't have a self-repairing option, so the couches still have the worn in (or is it out) look.

5)  We had a very stern chat with our three youngest a week or so ago. I was actually afraid it was going to have negative repercussions, however, it has turned out to be very positive. They have a real problem with communicating -- and it's not a language barrier thing anymore. It's as if they expect everyone to read their minds. To Bright Eyes, it's like she has suddenly been given permission to talk. She continues to yap my ear off. One of the older girls actually joked to me that perhaps I am regretting the chat with her younger sisters. "Definitely not!" was my response. This is a whole new side of that girl that I am quite enjoying.

6) I have had three migraines in 8 weeks. That's bad! I think I am getting another one today. Once in awhile I get pre-symptoms. I'm hoping a good round of ibuprofen and a good night's sleep will knock it dead.

7) I'm trying to avoid sugar like the plague. I have a suspicion that if I could completely rid it from my diet, I might actually -- if not get rid of -- reduce the number of migraines I get each year. It's so hard to do though!

8) Snow in the forecast again tonight, but then, a warming trend! We might actually have temps above 0 degrees Celsius by Wednesday! I think that will be the first time this year. Personally, I like the colder temps. The around 0 hovering makes for a nasty damp cold. Blech!

9) I finally spent a whole day in my craft room last week. I didn't get anything more than a circle skirt completed from start to finish, but I did get a start on the denim quilt I am making for Bub. I have about 10 months to get it finished. On the other hand, maybe I should make it for his university graduation. At the rate I move that would be far more reasonable.

10) I love thrifting! I found a fantastic piece of fabric for the back of Bub's quilt! If it's not enough, it will be very close. I think I paid $1.50 for it. You can't go wrong at that price!

That's it for today! Happy Monday, dear readers!


  1. You DO sound busy, Deborah! Have you tried using a diffuser with Frankincense oil for your migraines?

  2. Sorry to hear about all the migraines, I've had a couple too, but I have to blame mine on these crazy swings in the weather. I'm glad it's getting warmer but I do hope it doesn't hover around the zero mark with the incoming precipitation. That would just bring on the freezing rain, which is something I can definitely do without. Crafting....hey, I learned to arm knit today. At least that goes quickly :)


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