Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Craft Using Keys

I bought keys at an online auction in the fall. A LOT of keys. Too many keys really, so now I am on the hunt for all kinds of crafts to do with keys. For this one the credit goes to Free Kids However, I could not find the actual craft on the site so, here is my tutorial. :o) I did this with our GEMS girls club at church and since it's another snow day again here,

 I laid it out for the girls to make a few more this afternoon.

You will need:

Craft wire, a glue gun, red stamp ink, soft paint brush, assorted beads, mini pompoms,  (if you have them, otherwise beads will also work), short lengths of pipe cleaners, keys spray painted white, an orange, and a black Sharpie. Oh, and wool or little pieces of fabric for the scarves.

Squirt a small amount of glue into your beads, or on to your mini pompoms, if you have them and

 attach to your pipe cleaner.

Then dab little spots of glue on each side of your key,

Like so.

 Attach your ear warmers.

Use your Sharpies to create a cute little face.

Give your your little fella some rosy  cheeks by dabbing a little stamp ink on a soft paintbrush and gently dabbing it where he needs some colour.

Use some craft wire or floral wire cut to your desired length. Fold it in half.

Make pretty with some beads and spread the one end wide enough so that the beads don't fall off.

 Pull your wire through the hole in the key and twist as you would a bread twist tie.

Wah wah! You have a little snowman key chain. To make him a little warmer, you can give him a scarf.

Here are a few of our finished fellows. Enjoy!



  1. So cute. I love ideas like this. Looks perfect for a key chain… and perfect to do with the kids. They all came out really cute. I have my daughter and Grandson coming, and am working on some ideas for crafts around here as well. It is very cold and snowy in our neck of the woods also… staying in and staying warm and doing cozy things (I have a few crafts I am going to finish today.) Stay warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You mentioned on your comment, that your kids were all home today.. same here. We were surprised at the school closure, because we didn't get all that much snow, 3-4 inches yesterday, but the temperatures are so cold, they have closed everything. Your roads and snow is really something… I bet you are having cabin fever?

  3. When our kids were really little, a friend gave us a matching game made with old keys. Not as cute, but fun for littles.

    Choose 10 or so keys that look distinctively different (different shape at the top, different 'pattern', etc.). Lay them on a copier and make a copy of them. Laminate the paper and put it in a ziplock with the original keys. Voila! A matching game!


  4. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    Your family is beautiful.
    Blessings :-)


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