Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Brain Drop

1. I woke up with a migraine yesterday morning, so I promptly did an emerg. trip. It took the edge off so I could function for about 8 hours. Then the Engineer took me in last night and I got the gammut of shots. I feel not too bad today. It's twinging off and on, but a good breakfast, a coffee, and a nap should kick it which will be good as we have another ridiculously busy weekend this weekend.

2. Even though volleyball is done for the year, I will have been at the girls' school four times again this week. NEVER a dull moment.

3. I really wish I could get into the heads of my three youngest sometimes. I just don't understand why they do some of the things they do. However, I don't think they even understand themselves most of the time. I have to remember to find a moment tonight to chat with one of them again about an incident this morning.

4. I am lifting up a sweet friend and her family in prayer. They are waiting to bring their daughter home (adoption) and are facing yet again an almost insurmountable hurdle. They had so hoped to have their little girl home for Christmas. If you think of it, will you say a prayer for them too?

5. Our 13 year old introvert sold $390 worth of poinsettias (and planters). Part of these earnings goes toward her class trip. We are surprised and very proud of her for being brave enough to pick up the phone and call a whole bunch of our church families.

6. I am all done my Christmas shopping. I realized last night that I forgot to buy scotch tape. Oh well, hopefully I will remember get some when I do groceries. Speaking of groceries, I'm not sure when those will happen this weekend.

7. One photo session yet to edit and then a big order for the lab, and I think we just might be done for this year! Hopefully that means I can focus on some of my artsy stuff in early January.

8. Sinterklaas is late this year. He only arrived just a few minutes ago. Thankfully most of the kids didn't clue in, so it's all good.



  1. You sound as busy as we are! There really is never a dull moment, when you have a big family. I understand when you say you don't know why your youngest do some of the things they do. 'T' is like that, (obviously she struggles with a lot) but sometimes I'm sitting there watching her do or say something and I just don't get it.

    Good for her! When I played volleyball for a different school, I sold poinsettias as a fundraiser too and I was always pretty nervous too. It feels good to get that shopping done doesn't it? I helped my mom with sorting through lists this year but thankfully every gift is bought and hidden somewhere before Christmas. :)

    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. Oh, I envy you being done shopping! I've hardly begun - just what we had stashed away. But then, I may BE done - that may be it this year.

    The poinsettias are gorgeous, and the planter too. Good for Beans :D Where is her class trip?


  3. #4--tears. Thank you!!! I hope your busy weekend has gone well and that the migraines stay away!!! Blessings!


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