Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Rest of Autumn in Photos

To me, winter begins the first of December -- not the twenty-first, so here is the rest of autumn in photos before winter truly sets in.

 Girls were playing in the dress up boxes and decided we need a sheep. Someone was not impressed.

 Too much time on their hands maybe?
 BDCSS Cross Country meet.

Proud little girl!

Our annual Thanksgiving weekend hike.

 Enjoying an overnight away in Detroit at a most anticipated concert.
 They were fantastic!! If you have an opportunity to go, GO!!
 The back bush that we love to hike when it's not hunting season.

He's lead snare in his drum corps and it was homecoming at school. Time to dress up and show off that school spirit!

Heading to the orchard for some apple and punkin picking.

I have no idea what was going on here.

They found the biggest apples they could find to eat.

Punkin choosing time!

Carving the pumpkins. Purely messy fun!
 Dress up day at school. The Scarecrow (??) and Catwoman.

She went out trick or treating for the second time ever. She went as a peacock.

In Los Angles.

The night view from our room on our last night.

A leaf raking day. We didn't get done before the first snowfall though.

Sun bathing doggies.
 The wreath representatives for Remembrance Day. Aren't they cute in their boy-girl plaid shirts?

First snow, November 12.

A pre-volleyball tournament wash and line dry. It's rather frightening how stinky twenty-five pairs of knee pads can get.

Awesome fog that left hoar frost everywhere when the sun came through. It was dazzling!

It was a busy and fun fall. I am still surprised at how quickly it flew by. Now here we are in the season of Advent. I want to enjoy these next few weeks as much as I did the autumn -- and hopefully it won't be quite as busy. :o)



  1. Priceless pictures; I love the pumpkin and apple picking ones, and the dog in the sheep outfit is delightful and hilarious. Great Fall update.

  2. My goodness the children have grown! I just love seeing pictures of them doing family stuff. And that "sheep" dog is priceless. He's not amused at all, but definitely amusing the rest of us. :)

  3. I love all the pictures of your beautiful, healthy children! It looks like you had a wonderful fall.


  4. LOVED looking through all of your beautiful photos! Fall really did fly by and it's always so busy with sports and school starting. :) Our "Fall" wasn't very long because it was unbelievably warm into September and got very cold in October. It's different every year though...



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