Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where Are you Spring?

After coming down with some type of flu on the Thursday of Easter weekend, today is the first day that I have my energy back completely. Until today, if I did anything remotely strenuous, I was back in my bed or on the couch for a nap. Truthfully, I rather appreciated it. I think I just really needed the break without feeling any guilt. Today was a good day though. It was good to feel back in the swing of things. In a way I am glad spring is very slow in coming because I am now way behind on the things I wanted to get done before it's time to get in the gardens and start mowing the lawn again.

Last year spring was very early -- second week of March early -- and by this time in April, pots were planted, tulips were blooming, and the leaves on the trees were beginning to provide shade.

All photos were taken on April 13, 2012.

This year, spring is very late. It has just started making its appearance this past week with lots of rain and thundershowers. The grass is finally beginning to green up, the bulbs are now doing more than just poking their heads above the ground, and the trees, well, there are signs of life, but no leaves yet.

Is spring slow in coming this year where you are too?


  1. Oh yes, winter is still very much here. In fact, I'm staring out at a snow storm right now--yuck. We got about a foot on Monday, melted off yesterday, and here we are under another winter storm watch! Come.on.Spring!!

    LOVE the sunset-tree photo--just absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Lovely, lovely flowers, but did the deer get your tulips? They eat all the flowers they can, here :o(

    We had frost yesterday morning, and barely over freezing today, so I'm still waiting for spring, too.


  3. Way down south here in Texas, spring is almost over. In fact, this week has felt more like summer with temps in the 90's. I'm so thankful for the changing of seasons and all the variety they bring!

  4. Yes, spring is slow here too... but today, the garden seeds I are ordered arrived!! yay!!


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