Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photography Days 9-16

I'm getting behind in the posting so I thought I'd better do a batch post, or I'm only going to get worse.

Day 9: Something From a Distance

This is the "pond" that we skate on in the winter. It's actually just a large low lying area that does not drain very well. On Sunday, the pond was entirely dried up. We've had so much rain starting on Monday that were it to freeze again (please no!), we could do some more skating. I'm surprised no ducks or geese have showed up yet. See that orange thing in just to the left of the middle tree? That's the drain. Bub was hoping it would rain enough to cover it, but at the puddle's deepest, there was still about four inches showing.

Day 10: Whatever You Want

Our first spring flowers! I think I am going to order more of these for next spring. I'm not sure any more if these two are volunteers or whether they've just slowly been dying off from a purchase some years ago. I seem to recall that at one time there were yellow ones too, so I think I did plant them.

Day 11: Black and White

Can anyone guess what these are? We bought them years ago at an auction. Funny thing is we don't really ever drink (there's your hint), so I don't know why we bought them. They do make a fun statement on our porch though. I should peruse Pinterest and see if there is anything different that I can do with them... The snail, was placed there by Bright Eyes. She loves snail shells. In fact she had a whole handful of them a while back. I wonder what happened to them....

Day 12: Same Shot Different Light

My favorite spot to sit. Just a week ago, on the one evening that we actually had sunshine, the sun was falling on the chair and the fig tree then too. It was so lovely! It has already quit shining on this area in the evening as the sun continues to move toward the centre of the sky again, but on sunny mornings, it is THE place I love to sit!

Day 13: Photo Edit You Like

Last summer Squirt consistently and insistently wore her hair in a pony tail. It caused a lot of breakage because she spends so much time in the water and sunshine. It's now grown out to the point that with the humid weather (aka as lots of rain), it now forms a halo of curls around her head. I did some "dodging" in this photo to accentuate her halo of curls.

Day 14: Focusing on the Eyes

I did both Bella and Squirt for this one. I love how black Bella's eyes are. Now that they're often hidden by a pair of glasses (post coming soon), I wanted to be sure to capture them without glasses on her face. Squirt is still spectacle free, but she has the biggest brownest peepers. When I was fourteen, I babysat a family of brown-eyed blondes and always hoped that I would have one. We in fact, have two! I'm thrilled! :o) Having black-eyed children however, has been beyond my wildest dreams!

Day 15: Whatever You Want

I cheated on this one. This is from a puppy shoot I did on the eleventh. Seven golden retrievers. Super sweetness! Totally makes me want a friend for Maverick, but we experienced a two dog household a month or so back and somehow it just isn't for me.

Day 16: Experimenting with Light

Evening sunshine on the spruces and cedars. It's not as dramatic as I had hoped. I'll have to try again tonight if the sunshine decides to hang around.

Tonight is supposed to be a streetlight shot. Hmmm, I guess I'm going to have to go for a drive.


  1. Oooo, I love seeing your photos! Those blue flowers are wonderful - what are they? Love the girls' eyes :D And are those funny concrete block things (Day 11) some kind of wine rack?

    Oh, that ADORABLE puppy! But no thanks ;D


  2. The eyes are my favourite too- I did only pop round to discuss crochet but I'm having to have a long marvel first!! What I wanted to tell you was that I am a right-handed person who was taught to crochet by a left-handed person, so now I am still a right-handed person but one who crochets left-handed. So I think we would be perfect crochet partners- put the kettle on quick!

  3. Fun!!! I really enjoyed this post :)

  4. These are all lovely. I like getting a peak into your surroundings. Love those blue flowers!!!


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