Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yarn Along

We are finally having some spring-like days here and I have been able to enjoy knitting a quick row or two in the sunshine. :o) Perhaps it's the sunshine coloured wool I am using that has encouraged the sunshine here this week. It's raining again now, but that's okay because I was totally able to enjoy the sunshine today as I dug around in my flower beds. As for the book. I am having a very hard time getting through the beginning of it. I've just heard so many things about it that I'm still not sure that I need/want to read it. Oh well, I will keep plugging away at it. I am curious about Mack's visit back to the shack.


When completed, the project on the needles will be a little shawl for Beans. She has a bright yellow dress that will go perfect with this wool.

Finally, here are two knitting projects that I completed last week. The infinity scarf was claimed by Squirt, even though Peach is wearing it in this photo. She was the only one at home at the time I was ready to take a photo.

The peppermint hat. It fits Peach the best, but she already has a couple hats that she loves, so this one will  go with my collection of Christmas hats.

Would you like to share your projects? Join us at Ginny's blog Small Things. I so enjoy seeing all the talent out there!


  1. Ooooo, you are SO clever with your hands!


  2. Love your knitting projects, Deborah! Wish I could knit but I don't have the patience. :-) My girl loves to knit!

    I enjoyed reading The Shack. My boy just recently finished reading it for a school reading project & he loved it too.

  3. I keep feeling like I *should* get through the Shack too….but also am struggling to plug through and have put it back down for awhile.
    Very pretty knitting :)

  4. Love your knitting projects...they are so inspiring. Love the springtime yellow; I think we are all yearning for every hope of spring. My husband read The Shack. He really liked. I was like you, I had a hard time with it. I don't like reading books that have such difficult subjects and sadness.


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