Friday, March 22, 2013

Pruning and Painting Trees

It was a sunny Wednesday morning for the first time in awhile. After taking Mavy to the vet for his annual check up, Squirt and I spent the early part of the afternoon outside. Whew was it cold yet out there, but I had a mission in mind. It was time to do some harsh pruning of our apple trees.

I apologize for the lack of clarity, but apple trees don't take well to being ripped out to shoot in a studio just so they can show off their makeovers.;o) This tree is significantly larger than it's sibling and even with our rickety step ladder, I couldn't reach many of the branches -- at least not without fear of falling. I'll have to finish it tomorrow when one of the children can hold the ladder for me.

I think this fella is happy. Maybe feeling a little chilly as we have snow blanketing the ground again today, but now in the heat of summer, it'll be able to breath. I wonder if either tree will have any blossoms this spring? I guess we'll see...

Despite the cold, it felt good to be outside for awhile working on something the will reap benefits (hopefully) in the future. (Now all I need is my chickens to keep the bugs away and I might have good apples this autumn.)

Pom Pom was talking about drawing trees in her post here. It inspired me to get out my paints and begin working on the tree project I have been thinking about for awhile now.

I saw it on Pinterest and thought is was so pretty and simple that I knew I would have to try it sometime. The canvas is from the Dollar Store, as are the buttons. I knew as soon as I saw the buttons that I would be using them for this project. Now to decide where to hang it.

Happy weekend friends! Do you have any plans to create something this weekend?


  1. Your pruning is inspiring. We have some small apple trees (no apples yet). I am learning about fruit trees and trying to improve our fruit tree skills ha ha if that is even a term. I loved your pictures by the way... you ought to do a seasonal group of them... now (after pruning)... when they start budding and flowering, Summer, and Fall and again in Winter. Your button tree is wonderful; what a great project. I am working on paper butterflies today... I think I will post about them today or tomorrow. Have a great weekend.
    Blessing, Pam

  2. Well done on the pruning, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your autumn button-tree! May have to copy that someday :D


  3. What a lovely looking tree!! I love the winter esque style it still maintains, even in March. The weather around here is finally picking up to getting a little bit warmer.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service
    Tree Service Brooklyn

    1. Thank you, Ken! I think it just might be getting a little warmer here too, finally.


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