Saturday, March 23, 2013

Introducing The Piano Guys

Maybe these guys don't need an introduction for you, but to our family, they're a new musical favorite. Music is a big thing in our family. With seven children and a dog, the only time there isn't noise is when everyone is sleeping. I love the silence, but it's rare. During those times when everyone is home, multiple appliances are running, or we're on a mission to get some cleaning done, there is typically music being played in our home. Whether it in on an instrument or coming through speakers, music is heard in our home

Depending on who is practicing, or who has turned on the music, the genre can range from classical, to indie rock, to house music, to blues, to a Christian genre or several, to dubstep, to you name it, we've probably at least tried it.

I discovered The Piano Guys while looking up a song by Christina Perri. The Piano Guys play it. It's called A Thousand Years.

Oh my! They put a shiver up my spine! Such beautiful music! I then had to check out more of their stuff. I was impressed. Now I want to learn to play cello more than ever! Steve is on the cello and Jon on the piano. Beans and I are kind of addicted to their videos right now because we love watching their expressions and they have some really fun videos.(Check out Mission Impossible and Cello Wars to see what we mean.) If one could actually be in love with an instrument, these two show it on their faces. In fact Steve has a song called Me and My Cello -- Happy Together.

It's such a fun video and song. If you have some time, I suggest you watch a bunch of their videos. Such a talented group! Their videographers, sound recorders, etc. do such a great job of making their music fun and beautiful. It's the first time I've ever subscribed to a youtube channel.

They're playing in Detroit in October. The Engineer and I celebrate 20 years marriage in October. I'd love to go to the concert with just him and me, but I know Beans will be very upset. She wants to go too! I guess we'll start saving and make it a family affair instead!

Anyways, go check them out! Their music has made my wondering-if-spring-is-coming week far more enjoyable. Oh and by-the-way, The Piano Guys did not ask me to endorse them, I just am. :o)




  1. Yay! I love them now, too!
    Thank you! I adore piano music and the kids at school don't complain about it like they do some of my granny choices!
    Love to you, good Deborah!

  2. Very nice and I love that they are playing outside, too. Thanks for introducing me. :)

  3. So beautiful.... I can see I will be looking them up more. I love the video aspect as well.... so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Christina Perri is one of my favorite singers--especially that song!!! Thanks for introducing me to these guys, I really enjoyed the videos too!!! It has long been my secret hope that one of my kids will play cello--I've always admired the sound of the cello!

  5. We LOVE the piano guys! Especially since we're cellists :-) Great music and great sense of humor.

  6. I wanted Charlotte to play the cello since it is a beautiful insturment, and I love the mananer in which it is played. But she chose the violin instead, which is absolutely fine with me.

    Thank you for sharing these videos. It does a person good to see someone love doing what they do...

    I hope you are able to go see the piano guys. I bet they put on a wonderful concert.


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