Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crafting Day

Last Thursday, I had my friend K and her five sweet children over for a crafting day. We had grand ambitions of making several crafts, but in the end we only made two, but I think all of us had a great time. I know K and I enjoyed sharing during the down time while the kids were downstairs watching a Veggie Tales movie. It was good to share with each other over a cup of tea.

Eleven children gathered around the table to make pretty Easter themed chocolate bark. It was neat to see how differently each one designed their bark.

I was in love with the spring colours.

The adorable Miss S. was loving feeding herself and Maverick. Our chubby Lab was very happy to have Miss S as his new best friend :o).

In the afternoon we made cards. They were quite simple except for those of us punching out the leaves. I never knew punching out large amounts of leaves would make our hands so sore. The leaves were shaped into a wreath and sentiments were added to the cards.

We've already made plans to do a crafting day again in the summer. Then it will be all about paint :o).



  1. I want to be most impressed with the craft. I love the craft- was it actually edible craft? But I can't get past the eleven children. Really? And just two adults? Eleven. You are far, far worthier women than me!

    1. Lol! Yes, it was an edible craft. According to several of the children, they are the best kind of crafts :o). Yes, eleven children :o). They're a calm bunch, so it really doesn't seem like that many. Really.


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