Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Joining Yarn Along

If you read my blog frequently, you know that I am a pretty avid reader. I am also one who will read multiple books at a time. I typically have no less than three on the go and might have up to six on the go at one time. No matter how many I am reading though, if there is more than one novel on the go, the plots of the novels will be entirely different so as not to be confused with one another because the sad reality is I confuse easily.

I am about as bad with knitting as with reading. My knitting is by no means works of art, but I do enjoy simple projects such as hats, dishcloths, and the occasional neck warmer or pair of gloves. At least with these, if my gauge is off, the projects are small enough that it usually isn't noticeable. Currently I have three hats, one infinity scarf, a wrap, and a scrap project on the go. The magenta hat is the one nearest completion, so it's the one that gets the spotlight today. It's soft, it's warm, and I love the colour. It's for a sweet girl who has a birthday this week, so I have to get it finished before Friday!! I learned to knit in the round last year and love it! Someday when I don't have lots of interruptions, I will move on to something more complicated, but for now I'm having fun.

Now back to the book.

I read copious amounts of books on adoption before the girls came home. I was pretty much sick of the topic by the time we purchased Adopted for Life by Russel D. Moore. I knew it wasn't a must read before the girls came home because it is also about our role as Christian families and churches in the world of adoption. It's a pretty powerful and convicting read. It does cover the typical stuff for those who are considering adoption, but it's the stuff about our involvement as Christians that has been the meat of this book for me.  I'm really moved by how Moore explains that it's not just adoptive families that play a role in changing children's lives, but Christians at large as well. He goes on to explain that adoption one of the best forms of evangelism -- to see us living out our role to take care of the least of these. It actually really expands well on this post I did a few weeks ago.

Are you reading anything these days? How about a yarn project? Do tell! I love knowing what others are enjoying! If you're both a yarner :o) and a reader, stop by and share with others at Ginny's blog Small Things.


  1. That yarn is such a pretty color. I tend to be a small projects gauge doesn't matter kind of knitter too. I finally challenged myself to knit a baby sweater recently and was delighted that it actually worked. I'm so glad you are joining in on the yarn along. :-)

    1. Siné, you inspired me -- along with a few other blogging friends who have been participating. I never knew so many women knit and or crochet on top of reading yet too!

  2. love the yarn. the book sounds really interesting. i have never been to your blog before... your children are beautiful. <3

  3. Ooo, love the rich color of that hat! And the book sounds wonderful, too :D


  4. I love your knitting projects and enjoying seeing the final product modeled on your sweet family.
    The book sounds like a very good read. We don't often think about how we are adopted into God's family and it's only natural that as Christians we must also live out what Jesus calls us to do in the gospels.
    So good to read your post!


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