Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Peanut Gets a Haircut

Peanut came to us with naturally curly hair that I have struggled with from day one. As it got longer it got less poufy (or foufy) as she calls it, but it was still a constant frizz. I used product galore on it -- even Moroccan oil which came highly recommended by friends with curly hair. Nothing really seems to do the trick except freshly washed still slightly damp hair. That was when it was at its cutest. So in other words for about ten minutes daily, this little Munchkin had cute hair.

Well, that didn't work!
A few weeks ago, I thought that maybe putting layers in it would help. No. after that, when it was in a pony tail, there was one ridiculously long chunk with a bunch of shorter choppy chunks around it.

It looked odd, although when down it did seem to pouf less. So last week I got it in my head that I was going to cut it short.

Taa daaa! I bobbed it and it worked!!

I have no experience whatsoever in regards to cutting hair, but at least she has this going for her. It's so full of body (although sadly as my friend G guessed, the curls are gone) that if I cut it crooked -- which I'm sure I did -- you can't tell. Now we pull it into a little top tail and she's good to go.

I was gone helping to prep for a GEMS supper in the evening when the rest of the girls arrived home from school, but I was told that  as soon as Bright Eyes saw Peanut's hair, she declared that, "I need Dora hair too!" Bright Eyes LOVES Dora the Explorer. It looks like another hair cut will be in the not too distant future.


  1. Oh, Deborah! She is a little sparkle! I love her new hair cut!

  2. Oh, I LOVE it! she looks adorable - bright and perky ;D


  3. Absolutely adorable!!!! She looks beautiful and her hair looks so tame, not at all like when I first saw here in person!!! Your little girl is growing up!

  4. Adorable. She is precious. The haircut works beautifully.

  5. It looks super cute! Well done! :-)

  6. Great job! I love how her personality shines in each of her pictures :-)

  7. Oh, she looks adorable. What a cute post. Your kids are sure getting big!


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