Monday, March 11, 2013

March Break Monday

We started our March break at 2 pm on Friday. It began with three extra children and one of ours gone to a birthday party with the 4th sibling of our three extras. I picked the kiddos up from school skating. One would think they would be tired and cold from skating, but no. They played outside for awhile first and then came in, played games, ate, played on the Wii, ate, oh and did I mention they ate ;o)?

 Food is the biggest thing with large broods of children -- or at least these two broods anyways. All eleven of them are good eaters! Oh well, I'd much rather that than picky eaters any day!

On Saturday, Beans and I went to watch her favorite boy play his final hockey game. He asked her to come watch, and truthfully, I really enjoy watching hockey (I'm Canadian, eh), so we went. They lost, but it was a great game to watch. Later, wash was hung on the line for the first time in 2013. Hooray for laundry on the line!! I adore the smell of spring line dried laundry.

On Sunday it was church, choir practice for the Engineer, orchestra practice for Beans and I, some lunch, and then geocaching! It was the first time this year for geocaching too. Normally we go at least a couple of times through the winter months, but this year we've been lazy.

Peach was still recovering from their youth group all-nighter, so she opted to stay home and nap, but in the process of picking up Squirt who was at a friend's house yet, we obtained four more cachers. The same four as Friday :o).

It was a perfect day for geocaching -- even if is was wet and muddy.

The children all had a great time

playing in the mud,

the puddles,

sword fighting,

finding our second travel bug,

hiding in the reeds,

finding the longest reeds,

finding the biggest cache EVER. Way to go K!!

checking out the bridge,

playing under the bridge,

sharing a quiet chat on another bridge,

walking the berm of the lagoon,

 and best of all finding ten caches in one day! (I posted that we'd found nine on facebook, but it was actually ten.)

Today the two oldest are working at a greenhouse tagging pots and the rest of us are having a slow morning in our pyjamas. Isn't that what March break is all about?

We're looking forward to a crafting day with friends this week as well as several kid rotations for the rest of the week. They say a change is as good as a rest. I sure hope that's true because next week I have grand ambitions :o).

Happy Monday, dear readers!


  1. I had to look up what Geocaching was... I had never heard of it before. It sounds like great fun with kids... especially the teenagers. Great Idea. I like all your pictures. Have a great Spring Break; I hope your weather stays nice.

  2. I need to remember that "a change is as good as a rest" - amen!

    I'm not a geo-cacher, but it sure looks like a fun day for all :D Hope you enjoy your March break :D


  3. Looks like great fun we need to go on a geocache it has been awhile ~I hope you get to do all the things you want to do this week :) Love Heather

  4. Hi Deborah,
    It looks like you are having such a fun time. I wish all the days this week could be as nice as Monday! I look forward to our craft date coming up! See you soon!

  5. I was sure I commented before, but anyway....I always love it when you guys go geocaching. You are way ahead of us this year. We still have too much snow here, and more on the way. I was wondering, do you just have one GPS for the whole gang, or is there a spare one now, that can be passed around? I've got two, and my grandson always manages to get his hands on the older one. He's 8 now and an old hand at this as he started when he was 4. It's definitely a great family activity.


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