Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Fever

We're back to cold and snow. The snow isn't staying (yet), but nonetheless, it's snowing, and I have a bad case of spring fever. Despite the time change, I am not sleeping in and therefore my days have been starting very early. I dashed out today to have some stitches removed. I'm pretty sure it's basal cell skin cancer round two. Our nurse advised I wear a sombrero this summer, so if you see a lady wearing a sombro, it just might be me. The pathology report should be in by the end of the week. I was home before ten.

The girls are busy "imaginating". It's something to do with doctors or school or something. I can't keep up with their scene changes. I've been rattling around with no gumption to do anything. I knit, I read, I peruse, I empty a dishwasher, I debate climbing back into bed, I stare at the computer. There are piles everywhere again and fuzzy black bunnies swirling across the floor. Blech! I guess I had better start thinking about supper. Oh fun! Fish last night. Chicken tomorrow night. Tonight will most likely be vegetarian then. Hmmmm.....

This is Turkey Turkey. Isn't he handsome in a turkey sort of way. No he's not edible. Well, actually I'm sure he is, but he is not going to be eaten. He belongs to Beans's favorite boy. We're hoping to get some young chickens from him later in the spring -- provided we get a chicken coup built.

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  1. Oh my goodness... spring fever YES!!! And we have a windy, rainy day. :o(

    That turkey looks delicious ;D



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