Friday, September 28, 2012

Everyone Needs a Calendar!

Here is one of the big ways we survive in our family.

 I'm sure this is nothing new for almost any family, but the truth is up until this fall, I've never had a calendar quite like this. (It was always written permanently on the "fancy" calendar (see below).) I love this baby for it's write on wipe off capabilities. Everyone has their own colour (except for the three youngest as they don't have too much extra curricular stuff yet), and if the activity involves more than one child it is written in multiple colours so I know exactly which children need to be where and when. When it's something for the whole family, I will write it in black.

The crazy thing is, sometimes I will still write our day out on a piece of paper.

For example, Tuesday was an especially busy day, at one point. Knowing that Tuesday was going to vary a bit from the norm, I wrote it out on Monday night. It was my first Bible study (called Coffee Break) meeting of the year. I needed to remember to get gas in the van, enable my caffeine fix,  and to call the school that I would be picking up some of the girls who had an eye doctor's appointment. The afternoon was quiet, but then I jumped in the taxi -- er van, to pick kids up, meet with the eye doctor, pick another kid up, feed kids supper, drop a kid off at work, only to pick him up again two hours later, and then breathe a sigh of relief that I remembered it all!

Now normally, the Engineer would have done the school and work driving while I was finishing up with the girls at the eye doctor (someone needs glasses!!), but he was on business in Ottawa, so Peach had to wait patiently at the school until I could come get her, and Bub had to inhale supper (good thing it was soup) so that I could get him to work on time.

Thus is the craziness of living in a large family with a husband who travels frequently. It's all in a day's work, but am I ever thankful for my calendar!

How about you? Could you live without your calendar?



  1. Oh Deborah, sometimes I think we were separated at birth ;D

    I have a huge calendar in the kitchen - no pictures, just big spaces to write on, and I carry my "paper brain" (weekly calendar, with hourly slots) with me.

    And i still forget things sometimes.

    You're doing GREAT!


  2. Oh I absolutely could not live without my calendar!!! It's what keeps me straight. I keep thinking I should switch to using the computer so I'd have my calendar somewhere "safe" since if I ever lose my little planner book I will be lost!!!

    I also, before busy days, write everything out on a separate piece of paper to make sure I keep track of everything. The fall is a particularly busy time of year, too! blessings!!!

  3. I love calendars and pretty papers, and like you, I sometimes write out lists or especially busy days on yet another piece of paper :-)

    You are doing such a great job being a wife and a mama!

  4. My kids are grown and gone, but I still have a calendar. From the look of it I have a busy life and couldn't get by without it. I don't know how you fit all those kid related events, even with a calendar.

  5. Love this you my friend!

  6. I use my calendar on my phone and Mac. It works so good. For years I carried a planner in my purse... hence, I had to have a huge purse. My iphone is much smaller : )
    Where does Bub work? What grade is he in? I think my boy is around the same age as yours.

  7. What great big, busy, full days you have! Looks like you have it all under control though!


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