Friday, October 5, 2012

Soccer Tournament

Let me just quickly recount my week before I tell you about the soccer tournament. It was a week of running. Aside from the usual activities, there was some extra running involving one young lady who bruised (thankfully we learned that it wasn't broken) her wrist.

In an extra soccer practice on Monday evening, Bella took two separate blows to the wrist in less than fifteen minutes. This resulted in a couple of hospital visits and doctors orders that she was not allowed to play any more soccer. Well, I'm afraid to admit that we ignored these orders as on the morning of the day of the tournament (yesterday), Bella declared she could move her wrist back and forth and that "it wasn't fat anymore!" So, after a quick parent conference, it was decided that she should play. What's a parent to do? I told her that she could play, but that she had to wear it wrapped! She was thrilled!

 Braids a flyin' Beans works to get the ball out of the scoring zone.

 Squirt and C chatting away during their break from being on the field.

 Bella all wrapped up cheering on her team between singing and dancing on the bench.

It really was a perfect day for a soccer tournament and ours girls had a great time. They didn't win a single game, but when you're a small school (87 students in JK through grade 8) that believes that athletics and team playing is important and want to teach that to your students, you play as many of your students as are needed to make a team. Bella was the youngest both age (8) and grade (3) wise, but she held her own. It is rather intimidating for the little ones though when the rest of the schools they play against only play their kids from grade 6-8 (with the odd/occasional exception), but they have a larger student body, so they can do that, so play on girls -- just be safe! Happily there were no injuries!

Hopefully the cross country tournament is just as fun and successful!



  1. Love the pictures and hearing about the soccer adventures.
    Hope your weekend is lovely.

  2. Too bad about the boo-boo, but glad it wasn't worse. Hurray for soccer... we kind of miss it.


  3. Thank God for no injuries this year on the field! The weather was so nice too...
    I love the pics of your atheletes!
    I hope Bella's wrist heals quickly.
    PS You did a good job at the food booth :0)

  4. Yay - your kids look happy and healthy!

  5. I love Bella in her soccer uniform! It's great seeing her a part of her school community. what a long way your youngest three have come.



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