Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Craft Room

I am very blessed to have a room all to me just for crafting and sewing. Do I use it? Well, not much yet. How is it that I have such a room? Truthfully, our house is a really dumb layout, and in order to rectify that situation a little, we put an addition on in 2010/11. Mainly the addition was built to enable us to have enough bedrooms to house seven children, but it gave us the opportunity to have a couple of bonus rooms too. In Canada, we have basements (or most homes do anyways). I think, it's due to the fact that the ground usually freezes quite deep in the winter here. Basements help make better foundations and a big bonus -- make one's house that much bigger!

The craft room is a result of our addition. It's bright with sunshine in the afternoon. I can't wait to spend hours down there creating on wintery afternoons. There's lots of room for me to lay out patterns on the island or spread my scrapbooking everywhere (does anyone else have that problem? My scrapbooking materials seem to have a mind of their own and spread across the entire table.) There's lots of space on the floor yet for the little munchkin to play if she wants to be near me.

Let me take you on a picture tour:

This is the northwest view. The island was the children's work station when we were homeschooling, but it has always been a home for my fabric stash. The ribbon lying on the island is on a curtain rod that has yet to be mounted on the wall.

The south east corner. The Clavinova is in here so that the musicians can practice with out making mom crazy ;o), or to letting sleeping children sleep. Leading out of the room is the little hall that leads to this room. You don't want to see that hall as it's currently full of stuff that needs to be put away in the storage area. Things kind of exploded over the summer :oS.

The east wall, aka the crafty wall. The bookshelves hold craft idea books, my thrifted wool stash, scrapbooking materials, etc.

And this mess? Well that's my sewing table with all my projects, mending, etc. overflowing off the end on to the floor. Yep, I live in the real world. My craft room will never fit the pages of a fancy home decor magazine. It will always be in a state of incompleteness and some form of messiness.

The next step? To get some stuff on the walls, and get a bunch of the other things on my list crossed off so that I can actually do some playing in my craft room.



  1. I am so jealous hehehe you should see the corner I am packed into for crafitng lol!! But at least I have a corner right!! Happy Crafting enjoy that wonderful space ~Love Heather

  2. I'm so happy for you and your space! A space of your own makes for a sane and happy mom :D And I love the warm, cheery yellow, too - so cozy and bright on long, dark days.



  3. How nice for you! I have a room to myself for sewing/crafting/playing now that the kids are moving out. The main thing is not so much the organizing and neatness, but the PLAYING! Have fun.

  4. What a delightful room. Endless possibilities for all manner of crafts!


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