Monday, June 18, 2012

While There's a Lull...

I was relieved to discover I had a bit of a lull this evening -- until I remembered I have table cloths to iron yet -- oh, and a dress shirt too. Time is rolling by very quickly and I am enjoying every minute of it. I awoke with a migraine this morning, but the meds and the fact that my mom came over for a bit and helped me out, helped me kick it -- that and God's faithfulness (He knew I don't have time to be down and out right now, but it's a warning sign for me to slow down a little) -- and get some of the needed things done today. Peach graduates on Wednesday. I'm on the grad committee. We decorate tomorrow, and finish up Wednesday morning. Then in the afternoon, it's all about my girl :o). On Thursday it's a fun day with my girls and their school at the water park. Friday is the last day of school -- except for poor Bub who has exams yet. I'll be back soon with LOTS of pictures and LOTS of things to tell!



  1. YAY FOR PEACH! Tell her congrats from me! :) Oh I'm so glad that your migraine didn't stay or is hurting less. That really would of been a downer...

    Good luck on the decorating, and have fun at the water park. :)

    Can't WAIT to see more posts from you! I'm Deborah deprived. lol :)


  2. Don't you just love lulls!
    I'm so sorry for your migraine but isn't it wonderful we have moms that can help us?
    Keep marching forward!

  3. SO glad the migraine didn't linger.

    Congrats to Peach! And I look forward to more news and pics as you have time :D


  4. I have a migraine too, but I'm blaming it on the sudden change in weather. I hope yours goes away so you can enjoy your time with the girls. Congrats to Peach. They grow up so fast eh.
    I've missed your frequent posts and pictures so I'm glad to hear you will be filling us all in soon.


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