Monday, June 25, 2012

On the First Day of Summer Break

On the first day of summer break...

1} My true love left me for his third business trip in five weeks.

2} The five youngest were up at pretty much their usual times.

3} I realised don't have to go anywhere at all today for the first time in weeks upon weeks!

4} I spent a good chunk of the morning editing photos on various subjects and of various people for various clients.

5} I listened to the three Littles bicker incessantly :oS.

6} I squeaked in a quick photo session of my pioneer girl. (The Engineer and I were away with the grade 8's on their class trip when her class went to pioneer days at a nearby museum.)

7} I watched my two middles immediately get busy planning their day.

8} I wondered when my two teenagers would finally drag themselves out of bed.

9} I enjoyed a quiet lunch indoors with all the windows wide open -- as it's a cool, but sunny 18 degrees Celsius here today -- and made some plans for my crew this summer.

10} I worked in my sadly neglected perennial bed. So glad for the cooler temperature!

11} We began our summer reading. We're working on the second book in the Little House on the Prairie series. Thank you, Annesta! We are enjoying them very much! 

 12} Tortellini for supper. No veggies. No dessert. Yes, a strong indicator that the Engineer is away.

13} I listened to the girls playing in the depths of the backyard while I cleaned up after supper.

14} I am planning on spending a quiet evening reading and writing.

15} I feel the need for chocolate. However, I will NOT give in. I will tell you why in another post :o).

Did you enjoy a nice summer day today? I hope you did!



  1. Oh I'm so glad you're blogging again!

    Loved the update, and sweet pictures! You can tell Natascha that I slept in until 11:00 AM this morning... Yes yes I know... shame on me. :)

    I did have a great summer day. Hoping to be outside more often, and I am enjoying LOTS of reading.


  2. Hello sweet Deborah!
    It sounds like you are humming along, as is your custom. I hope your evening of reading and writing was soothing and uplifting at the same time!

  3. Oh that all sounds lovely (except the bickering part). You're reading the Little House books? I've always loved those - even my boys have enjoyed them. I have to admit that my favorite was Farmer Boy... all those descriptions of FOOD!

    Hope you have a glorious summer :D


  4. Thanks for sharing a peek into your day!

  5. Summer blessings!!! We're enjoying the start of our summer here too!

  6. Such great photos Deborah! I am so looking forward to grandkids so I can read the Little House series with them, too.
    Summer is in full swing...hope that you get to do lots of fun things and that each day brings more joy and peace into your life!


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