Saturday, June 9, 2012

One Year Ago on June 10

One year ago on this date, we were at the Inter-Country Adoption Board making our girls legally ours. Wow! A year already!!

Looking back at photos and talking with the girls, we are reminded of things we had already forgotten. Having experienced both childbirth and adoption, I can say that adoption, like childbirth enables you to forget certain things for a reason. Ohhhhh myyyyy, looking back on those very early days with the girls I suddenly remembered how tumultuous those days were. Yet, we all survived them and the girls are thriving. There is much talk lately of going back FOR A VISIT they stress. Someday we all hope to go (back). We'd love to introduce our older daughters to the beautiful country of their sisters' birth. For now though, we continue to work on teaching the girls the innuendos and quirks of the English language and culture and watch them grow and flourish. One year later, they still have not developed inside voices. I am slowly learning to ignore the loud, but there are times still where I grit my teeth in agony. A shushing comment will now often give me a five minute reprieve :o).

It has been fun and interesting to see the girls strengths and gifts develop. Like our older four, they have very distinct personalities. Bella is still trying to find her place. She went from being the oldest to one of the youngest. It's a difficult place to be. However, she is a strong personality. She is aggressive and knows how to get what she wants. It will do her well in the years to come, but can frustrate all of us yet at this point.She has unbelievable energy and loves to run and dance. Bright Eyes is our deep thinker and she is very very bright. She misses nothing. She is also displaying a strong aptitude for music. Peanut is our comic relief. She still just has such a joie de vivre. Everything is embraced with a smile and a giggle.

So many of the things that we learned about adoptive children have not been an issue with our girls (at this point). Aside from mostly typical kid things, we deal with very little baggage and "stuff". I'm sure over the years to come, there will be lots of "stuff" to deal with, but right now they're doing great!! God knew they were a perfect fit for our family.




  1. Wow! I knew your one-year mark was coming up soon... TODAY! Congratulations!

    It's so good to hear things are going well. The FAMILY is thriving :D Glory to God!

    And still praying for those inside voices ;D


  2. When you figure out how to get inside voices, let me know. Or better yet, write a book!


  3. Wow a year already!! I'm so glad to here that they are doing well, and thriving. God definitely knew they were perfect for your family. :)

    We're coming up on 2 years next month... Whew! I can't believe it's already been almost 23 months.

    Adoption is incredible, and I love to hear and share stories with you and others too!

  4. I know there are challenges in any parenting but I admire you taking on all the extra challenges of a chosen child. You are so very blessed and I pray the Lord gives you what you need in this journey.

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

  5. I can't believe that you've been home a year with those sweet little girls! I'm sure that they keep you one your toes like Rafael does us, but it is wonderful to hear how they are all thriving! Hope too see them all again someday!

  6. A whole year, Deborah! I'm delighted with the update. Thank you for sharing. God indeed know best for his children.

  7. Congratulations on one year as a family!!!

  8. Congratulations on your first year together!

  9. You said it best..."God knew they were a a perfect fit for our family" and each one so is Deborah!
    A huge congratulations on your one year anniversary.
    Love in Christ,

  10. Deborah,

    What a testimony of God's wonderful grace in all of your lives! I still am so amazed at this calling that your family has embraced. One year...yeah!

  11. The girls are getting so big! You are very blessed!


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