Monday, December 19, 2011

Some Monday Random Thoughts

1} I had an appointment this morning at our medical clinic. It's a bi-annual event based on family history. I still don't know why some women make such a big deal about mammograms......

2} The Engineer met me at our clinic, so he could keep an eye on Peanut. Letting it all hang out for the technician is one thing, but my youngest child. Let's not traumatize her, okay.

3} We treated ourselves with a stop at the Golden Arches. Muffins all 'round and a quick visit, and the Engineer headed back to work. I still think McDonalds has the best coffee ever! Maybe it's also because I came off a twelve hour fast. Had to have blood work today too.

4} Peanut and I spent two hours cruising the aisles of Walmart.I have a real love hate relationship with Walmart. Really, it's with shopping period, but I usually end up at Walmart because it is simply the most convenient. There is no more shopping for me on the agenda now until we're out of the basic necessities. Hooray!!

5} We never did find peppermint candy canes. We saw strawberry, cherry, raspberry, Disney,(what do Disney candy canes taste like)?!?, cappuccino, bubblegum, juicy filled, and even gingerbread flavoured, but not a single package of peppermint ones.

6} I've been given flak from some individuals for shopping at Walmart for various reasons (such as they don't pay their employees well, their products are not Cdn., etc.) Oddly enough these same people shop across the border regularly. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

7} Peanut's English has increased tenfold in the past week or so, and her comprehension has as well. Her two favorite words? "I know!"

8} The Engineer, Bub, the little girls, and I are all getting vaccinations tomorrow. The big people need the final needle from our travels to the PI. The girls need to get the regular stuff that most North Americans get.

9} The Engineer is only working part time this week. I am looking forward to some quiet time with him. Especially since he will be traveling more again in the new year.

10} The pond is not frozen yet and we now know why we have a pond. The Engineer did a little to remedy that on Saturday, but he hasn't dug far enough yet to fully unearth the tile. I don't want him to because I want to go skating at my leisure. I am about the only one who quite enjoys skating, so I'm thinking the kids won't care one way or the other if he can get it to drain yet before it freezes.

11} I would like to do some baking, but once again we are out of eggs. I'm so glad we get them from our neighbour!

12} You can tell we live in a predominantly female household. When I sort laundry, the pile of pinks and reds is as big as the pile of blue jeans -- and we're very much a blue jean wearing family.

13} Our whole family likes eggnog. Even our little Filipinas. I think for them though, as long as it has sugar in it, they consider it very edible (or drinkable in this case). They all love milk too. So much so that they request it regularly. I keep wondering if I should have them on whole milk instead of 1%. They could still use some fattening up.

14} I am really missing homeschooling lately and wondering if there aren't one or two children who would really benefit from me teaching them at home next year because of the whole attachment and bonding thing. I'm torn. I really don't feel I should have some in school and some not. Financially there is no way we can do both. Hmmmm, lots of praying about this one.

15} It's spaghetti night tonight. I better get moving. The girls will all be in the door shortly and I will be bombarded with stories, requests, and questions about all sorts of things school and not school related.

Are you all having a good Monday?


  1. I give my girls whole milk. I'd definitely recommend it. I do not, however, give them juice. It's milk or water. :)

    We don't have a Wal-Mart close enough to shop at, but I do love Target. It's a good thing it's in the next town.

  2. I couldn't help but laugh at your 2nd comment. I can see how you would like that privacy! :) 'T' never got into milk... We think she might be lactose intolerant because even an ice cream cone can upset her stomach.

    Totally understand the Walmart thing. It's pretty rarely now that we actually make it to Walmart. We also use to be bad about the whole McDonalds thing. :) But glad that we could finally get that junk out of our systems so often.

    We're Americans what can I say? :)

    Blessings, and yes Monday was pretty good!

  3. It sounds like a typical Deborah day! You are so good.

  4. Hi!
    I had a fabulous Monday. It was my first day on vacation and I was quite lazy to begin with but got up after a long phone chat with my oldest and prepared to spend the rest of the day with my youngest. She is hosting her first Christmas party and we made cookies together. We mixed the dough and put it in the fridge to chill and then went shopping. She was able to check off gifts for some on her list. Then we returned home and I made dinner and she rolled out cookie dough. It was fun!
    I had to laugh at your mammogram comments. I had my yearly a month ago and then they called me back for further studies. More smashing! Thankfully all is well.
    And your news regarding the Engineer traveling again...would that be to our "neck of the woods". Hope so!
    And final comment...I completely understand about Walmart.
    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  5. I feel the same way about Walmart. I go about once a month. And I do not understand a candycane that is not peppermint. Blech.

  6. I'm with you on the Cram-o-gram. Not exactly fun, but what's the big deal? And early detection... YES.

    Don't feel guilty about McDonald's. It's all in perspective, considering the way you usually eat :D

    And Walmart, oh Walmart... I shop there too. Because I can make one stop instead of five, and I can save money. And I had to DIG for peppermint candy canes. Who wants all that other gunk???

    Hurray for Peanut's English skills! Leaps and bounds, my friend :D

    I have the milk dilemma too. Two of my boys were really small, as in nearly falling off the growth charts when they were younger. And they LOVED whole milk. But here's the catch... is it contributing more calories/fat/nutrition to them, or is it filling them up and replacing other food?

    I found that Wyatt would get full on milk! Crazy.

    But we did do a bit of "food layering". For instance, if you make a PB&J sandwich, put butter on the bread first. For awhile I was mixing powdered infant formula with the whole milk and giving him a glass before bed. If they really do need fattening up, give them food right before bed... the opposite of what WE should do!

    Good to hear that all is well in your household. What a Christmas this will be!


  7. Thanks for sharing a sneak peak into your day. Makes the miles between us shrink a little bit:-) And I've already begun to wonder where I will shop when we come back on furlough next year - to Walmart, or not to Walmart, that is the question!

  8. I liked reading about your day's events. Amazing how this is only a small peak, yet it still seems very full.

  9. Have you ever read Nickled and Dimed? I read it a few years ago and it was extremely eye-opening into how poorly WalMart treats their employees. That being said, it would be easy to boycott and be mad at just about any company because the same can be said for so many these days. Employers just don't give a rip about the little people that actually are the backbone of the company. In turn, those employees get an attitude and take it out on the customers (at least that's my experience). I have a hate/hate relationship with WM. They got rid of most of the organics they sold and just stopped carrying the cat litter we use. Still, it's the cheapest (by a huge amount) place for me to purchase the organic garlic we use (and we use a ton of it).


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