Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Crafting Sunday

Church was grievously disappointing today. Does your church sing Christmas carols and songs this time of year?

Well, ours doesn't.

We sang one.

Yes, ONE.

Sort of.

Really it wasn't even a Christmas song, but an Advent song and not even a traditional one, but a new one that we learned at the beginning of Advent.

It put me in a bit of a foul mood. Wrong? Yes. Especially when I am there to worship our Lord. However, it would have been more relevant and special for worship had it been songs that anticipate, or celebrate the arrival of our Saviour. Okay, rant over.

My parents joined us at home for coffee and key lime pie after church. It was to celebrate some other birthdays too.

 (I made one with a chocolate crust and one with a graham crust, and before you go all "how do you find the time" on me, these are easy peasy even from scratch.)

Squirt turned nine last Monday,

and Bella turns eight this Thursday.

After Grampa and Gramma left, we all ate lunch and the girls and I got down to some crafting.

(We started by painting the pine cones the week before).

Today we attached their lacey wings and glued on their heads, hair and a raffia hanger. After we hung them on the tree we realized we forgot their halos. Oh well! I guess they're less than angelic angels :o).

Next up was a craft from the dollar store. Six of each shape and lots of stickies to go around. While they worked on that I wrote Christmas cards. Yes, I'm actually writing Christmas cards :oO! They may not make it to their recipients by Christmas, but at least I wrote some this year!

Oops that's not a craft! Just some cute little piggies!

It kept everyone busy for a couple of hours and happily it was mostly peaceful so I turned up the Christmas music at home. At least we can sing Christmas music in our home ;o).

 I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like a sweet and restful Sunday! Sorry it wasn't more worshipful at church :-(

  2. What a great day! And YES to the Christmas music...we just can't sing enough carols for me. I've finally found a radio station that plays the GOOD songs so I am happy to have that going all the time. It is my favorite music of all!

  3. I love listening to Christmas too!:)
    looks like they had a lot of fun making the crafts.


  4. I would think you would have lots of help in the kitchen. My oldest grandson (who turned 7) on Thursday, was here yesterday and he helped me make some nuts and bolts. Usually he wants to make cookies, but I'm still recovering from my fall.
    I love the pinecone angels. They're beautiful!

  5. Can I be a part of your family?

  6. Fun projects and hurray for keeping all hands occupied productively so you could write your cards :D

    And pooh-pooh to the scrooges at church. We used to go to a church that became far too hip and relevant for traditional Christmas carols (Kerry called it "Relentlessly Contemporary") and I gritted my teeth every Christmas.

    That's NOT what we left the church over, but I am THRILLED to sing Christmas carols all through the season!


  7. I was just saying to Adam the other day how glad I am that we sing christmas songs at our church! I grew up singing them from Thanksgiving on at church, but I have noticed in some of the other churches we've been in a lack of Christmas songs in church. Why is that? Doesn't seem to make sense to me. Well, I hope next week (the actual day of Christmas) is full of Christmas music for you!


  8. Nice way to spend your Sunday afternoon together! Lovely crafts.
    The pies look yummy....

    Love ya my sweet friend.
    Kelly~inspired to dig up some Christmas cards :0)

  9. Loved, loved your pictures...and like you I want to sing Christmas carols in church on Sundays surrounding the season too. I actually look forward to it.

  10. You know I have mentioned I loathe the music at the church we're attending. Puts me in a foul mood every single week. December has been great for me though because every week has been Christmas carols. I so do not want this month to end in that respect. I am not looking forward to the mundane music again.

  11. Deborah,
    What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I love your tradition of coffee and dessert after church. I still think the almond tarts are the best...but these key lime pies look mightly delicious!
    I had to laugh at your comment about forgetting the angel halo's.
    Your children are growing up!
    hugs and lots of love

  12. ***I have no idea how I didn't post a comment before... I do remember reading it though.**

    I'm glad that you had a fun crafts night! Those big sisters were probably a really good help! :)



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