Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If the Skate Fits...

The kids all tried on skates after school yesterday. They have skating with their school on Friday and instead of us typically leaving it to the last minute, my brain was actually firing well enough yesterday to know that we had better try them on while time was on our side.

Happily there was a pair to fit everyone. Even the Littles. Sometimes it pays off to be slow about getting rid of things :o).

Even Bub's still fit. Well, the left foot does anyway. He couldn't be bother to try on his other skate. He's of the same mind as his father. They can both think of far better things to do than go skating.

Now they're all loaded into the van to be sharpened. I wonder if we'll remember to do that before Friday....


  1. Sounds like a FUN outing. I am sad I didn't go skating with the boys as they grew up. I have no idea how they would do, lol.

    Have fun!
    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  2. Oh that's exciting! Hope you all enjoy yourselves on Friday!!


  3. Girl. That is a LOT of skates. I think you should be commended for anything you remember with such a large crew to care for. Love the pictures and hope you get to skate to your heart's content.

  4. I love your photos! Ice skating for us is a treat, but only happens about once a year.

  5. How wonderful, Deborah! I just love Bub's individuality! Guess there will be a lot of ice skating coming up.
    Stay warm, my sweet friend.

  6. FUN!

    Well, I think it's fun since I don't have to tie all those skates!


  7. Ha!! great pictures have fun skating!! Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragment than mean a lot ~Love Heather

  8. Your stairstep girls sure are cuties!

  9. Have fun with the skating! Yay about trying them on before Friday! I've often left things until the last minute and ouch! LOL. I am trying to change that... :)


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