Thursday, December 1, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 22 The List)

As I cleaned and/or organized each room this month, I built on a list that can be worked through in the new year to help make our home feel even more complete. Some things are as simple going out finding it and purchasing it. Other things will require some (or lots of) work on our part. Hopefully I will be able to keep track of what I/we have done over the course of the next few months to year (or more) and then next year this time, I can post it again with lots of things marked off :o). It would be so nice to see almost the entire list with a line through it! That's my dream anyways :o)! Of course then there will be a new list for next year, but that what keep life fun :o)!

Mudroom/Laundry Room
  • repaint trim
  • final coat of paint on back door
  • new registers in white
  • re-pot cacti in windowsill
  • new (or newly painted) frames for shelf
  • updated photos in the frames
  • make skirt for the laundry tub
  • curtains/valance for windows(?)
Great Room
  • order canvases for the walls
  • find desk for back corner
  • re-pot fig tree into nice matching pot
The Kitchen
  • do I want some sort of window treatment on the window?
  • call our counter company about chip in counter all fixed
Dining Room
  • find some more art/photographs for the sadly naked walls
  • repaint the buffet
  • repaint around mainfloor shower
  • repaint trim in mainfloor b.r.
  • patch up damaged area in upstairs bath
  • caulk around tub
  • fix towel hooks
  • sew loop on everyone's towel to hang them properly (so they don't forever fall off their hooks).
Music Room
  • update photos in frames
  • find a nice (inexpensive) cozy chair for the one corner
  • buy a metronome
  • buy a light for on the piano
Girls' Rooms
  • hooks for on backs of doors and for in closets
  • photos hung in hall and words hung in hall
Master Suite
  • headboard for bed (?)
  • art above bed
  • soften stripe on wall (I know what I mean here).
  • art for bathroom and something for on counter
  • window coverings (need these badly!)
Exercise Room
  • motivational pictures and words for walls
  • some photos on the walls too
  • this room also really needs to be repainted already. (The painter's paint they use is horrible. Just sayin'! All the rooms they did already have nics and scratches, but this room is by far the worst!)
Craft Room
  • I have a wild colour in mind for this room because it's so dark with no window
  • I also have three things that I would like to hang on the walls, but I'll wait until I've painted
  • get my little table back
Bub's Room
  • hooks for in his closet
  • hang picture
  • hang growth chart
  • and (unfortunately) repaint
Storage Room
  • tidy
  • sort
  • go through boxes that haven't been touched in forever and toss
  • decrease the paper piles
  • find free standing shelves for center of room
There you have it, the bucket list after all the rooms have been tidied and organized. I'm a little worried about that storage room yet though....

I'll keep you posted on that one. To those of you who commented, than you for your kind words and encouragement. We'll now resume our normal blogging :o)!


  1. Deborah,
    There is such a sense of satisfaction when one accomplishes all there is on the "to do" list. Congratulations!! Job well done.
    Now, an airline ticket is in the mail for you to fly down and help me out. I'm sure the Engineer can handle the homestead without you for awhile. We will have such fun!! Don't delay for I am anxiously awaiting your help.

  2. Annesta, you make me smile!! Little do you know, I started attacking the storage room without Murray. It's feels so good to have the rest of the house organized and tidy that I just couldn't leave it alone!

    Someday when things settle down here again, I will be boarding a plane for TX! I'm looking forward to seeing your world!


  3. What accomplishments! Sometimes just making the list is enough for me. At least you have something to remind you of what needs doing.

    Congrats on tackling it.

  4. That is quite a list!! I'm glad that you got so much done, and have a goal to finish even more in the new year!

    I agree with Annesta... I'll be sending you a plane ticket to MN. Our house it smaller than yours, so it will be a piece of cake. :)


  5. Oooo, I love the list!

    And the satisfaction of crossing things off :D

    Well done!


  6. Good job! Think how easy it will be next year :-)

  7. Oh my, happy new year and bon courage! This makes my silly little drawing of our silly little house with its silly little wishlists seem almost achievable! Well, excluding the painting of the outside window sills. When am I EVER going to do that??!

  8. I love list! and I love completing them! Great job on all your 22 days to less mess. I wish I would have done it!

  9. Good list! You've done well with your 22 days of cleaning. :)

    Our basement flooded on Tuesday, oh my!! Anyway, that has made me purge and throw lots away! Not everything was in plastic bins or off the floor. Anyway, I've decided to reclaim our home and really declutter.

    You have inspired me!!

  10. Hi there,

    Now that things are starting to slow down I hope to get caught up on your 22 Days to Less Mess. I need to start doing that challenge in the new year. I can't wait to see as you complete each thing on your list. How fun it will be to follow this. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  11. My to-do list is overwhelming, but I've been tackling it little by little. I have accepted that no matter how much I beg, plead, or try to bribe, my family is just not going to step up to the plate and help me out. It is a great feeling though when I can mark something off the list. I just can't keep going in the unorganized chaos that has overtaken my home. I literally need peace.


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