Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Cards

Call me a scrooge, a grump, whatever, but Christmas cards and I are not friends. I used to have good intentions and sometimes did get some sent out on time. The past few years, the cards have simply mocked me from their basket. No trees are being hurt in this house by me buying stacks and stacks of cards to send out. They come to me of their own free will :o)!

Ridiculously enough, I've even made Christmas cards. Yes, those ones on the far left are hand made. I wonder how old they are?

Unfortunately these days,  the mocking continues. More and more non-profit organizations are jumping on the Christmas card wagon. "Look I've sent you these beautiful Christmas cards to make you feel guilty for not donating your money to us. Now please send us money!" I'm not saying that many of these organizations are  not great organizations because they are, but one can only donate to so many causes! Must they send me beautiful cards that I am just too unambitious to send out to anyone anyways?

Maybe this year I'll have to set aside a day to eat bon bons, drink hot chocolate, and write Christmas cards all day. I'll send them to every person I can think of (maybe even imagined ones) just to get them all sent out! At least then those beautiful cards won't mock me from their basket anymore! I have endless amounts of cards, so if you want to receive a Christmas card from me to relieve my guilt, just email me with your address. I'll be sure to get one out to you in the mail asap! Otherwise, I hear Christmas cards make great crafts....


  1. I love Christmas cards. I do, at times, think they are a chore to get done though. Have a blessed day!

  2. You are too funny! For the past few years, I have sent out New Years or Valentine cards. I can't seem to get it together to send cards this time of the year!
    You should send out a card on your blog...I bet you could design a most beautiful card.
    Hope your Friday is perfect!

  3. You make me smile. Christmas cards overwhelm me to no end. Last year I never got them out. But I so love receiving them, so I am going to make every effort to send mine out this year!

  4. Deborah,
    Your an inspiration to me, Christmas card or no Christmas card! :) I have to agree with the amount of pressure out there to get cards sent ... I truly love receiving them, and don't mind sending our Christmas wishes out either, it's just the [perfectionist] time wasted thinking about what to say on the jolly things, maybe ;) ...
    Fabulous job on your 22 days to less mess!!! Way to Go.
    Blessings to you Friend,

  5. No guilt!

    Hoping we get ours out before the new year, but... it's lower on my priority list than it used to be :D


  6. It is a big job to get the cards out. I only want to do it if I can write a bunch of stuff in each card. We've received two in the mail (early birds) and I'm still thinking about whether or not I am sending any.

  7. If you were planning on sending out that small package for me, and haven't yet you could throw a few in there... I could write a few out and give them to friends at school!


  8. I gave up on Christmas cards, just after Jo was born! For environmental reasons really, but couldn't go back to that now re time and effort! I buy packs now for the boys to write for their classes. But the ulterior motive there is make them practise handwriting- even laboriously and repetitively!

  9. You have a business, so you likely have a data base with an address book. Filter out the people you want to send cards to (by creating an extra column if necessary) and then print lables for those addresses. Now all you have to do is stick them on the envelopes and sign the cards. Little note on the inside of the cards are often greatly appreciated though.

  10. This made me laugh because I am exactly the same. My aim is to send them out this year;)

  11. Pinterest is full of things made from cards. :) I stopped sending cards. Every now and then I feel a small twinge of guilt, but thankfully it doesn't last long at all.

  12. I never know from year to year whether or not I'll send them. The thing is, I love getting them, and the fewer I send, the fewer I receive. But they take so much time when I have very little time at all. A dilemma!



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