Monday, November 28, 2011


This weekend Advent began. That means that our home is filled with Christmas music, the tree is put up, and we watch The Polar Express. The movie didn't happen yet this weekend, but plans are in the works to watch it next weekend instead. Oh, and we also imbibed in our first glass of egg nog of the season. Yes, all seven kids here drink it. I didn't know if the little ones would or not, but like anything else loaded with sugar, it went down their palates very quickly.

Trimming the tree was surprisingly uneventful. I'm sure it helps that the trimming crew was briefed very sternly on how the plans were to unfold.

Everyone was still smiling at the end.

What are you doing during this season of waiting?


  1. Oh, Deborah! I love, love, love (how many loves can I type without being annoying??!!!) your new header! It's so festive and simply lovely!
    Sadly, we didn't get our tree up while both the girls were here. Perhaps I can get my youngest and her hubby over with a bit of a dinner bribe for help putting up our decorations.
    My oldest was writing her sermon for Sunday and asked what we were all hoping for this Advent season. I simply want to grow in my faith, not to take the season for granted and to be challenged (I know, that is dangerous) in my faith this Advent season.
    Happy week to you and yours,

  2. LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER! It's simple, and I like it! I've been scowering through websites to find a simple holiday background, and trying to get just a few more photos for our new header. :)

    We don't have our tree up yet... We have to find a good weekend to get it, and also not too far away from Christmas either because it can cause some anxiety for a little girl in this household.

    Enjoy your egg nog! :)


  3. I smiled to see such a beautiful portrait of your children.

    As for the waiting question...It doesn't seem as if I have to wait at all...more like running to catch up!


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