Monday, November 28, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 17 The Exercise Room)

Since this room is our exercise room, it should be an easy clean right?

It is! No one uses it. Actually that's not true Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser fame kicked my butt this morning, so let's just say there are some exercise skills that I stink at very much. We also watch the occasional movie down here.

Okay, that aside, the room really is very empty, but for our beloved chair and a halves, some burgeoning book shelves and some (mostly useless because it's broken) electronic equipment.

Before we finally decided to put the addition on our house, we spent some time lessening our ever growing book stock. This is only the books in this room, so really we haven't missed the books that are gone.

The ultimate goal for this room? Get some motivational photos and quotes on the walls and be able to save enough to purchase one of these:

That's the imaginary me on there. Don't I look fantastic?!?! :o)


  1. What sort of machine is that? I don't know that I have ever encountered one in the gym.
    The room looks big enough to jog around a few times to get exercise when your weather is horrible!

  2. Hi Annesta,

    It's a concept 2 rowing machine. Bub wants/needs it so he can practice rowing year round, so he's ready for the water in the spring when the ice is off. The only place I've seen them is at their school, but I know they have them at the gym where they work out too.

  3. I was also wondering what it was, because it looked like the feet went up, but maybe they don't move. (??) That looks like a great work out though!

    That does seem like a spacious room! :)


  4. Love the Christmas header! Jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous! Space!

  5. Love the Christmas header too!
    What a gorgeous family you have!
    Deborah,you have done a nice job organizing your home. Want to come help me after christmas :)


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