Tuesday, November 29, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 18 The Craft Room)

Here's my craft room. Okay, so I was having a great dream. Isn't it the prettiest? Check out the chandelier!! (Photo credit for above photo belongs to: elephantstrunkllb.com, but there's a 404 error on it, so I'm not truly sure who it belongs to.)

My craft room doesn't have a chandelier or even windows, and it's a mess too!

So a little rearranging, and a lot of dusting, and at least it looks more orderly again.

Hopefully, I will get at some sewing over the holidays because that shelf is embarassingly full of stuff that needs to be finished or mended.

And in the new year, I'm hoping to make this room itself a project. I even have a chandelier to hang if I want to :o)!


  1. That looks very tidy and orderly and ready to go! And I love the quilt you have spread out on the table... looks ready to quilt?

    When do you ever get the time to do projects?! ;D


  2. *Laughing hysterically!* Julie, I don't have time for projects. That quilt has been waiting to be quilted for over a year and a half. It's supposed to be free quilted and I'm too chicken to start. I think I've decided I'm going with straight lines, so I've laid it out in the hope that I might get the nerve to start. You know, just in case, I might possibly have some free time. Bahahaha!

  3. Lol my heart skipped a beat when I saw the first picture... In my head I was thinking "no way"! :)

    Well I love your craft room anyway! It's very cozy! If you do decide to make this room a project I would really want to see it!

    Good luck on the quilt! I know someday you will finish it and do a fantastic job!


  4. That looks so much better! I have to admit that when I thought that top one was your craft room, I was thinking it belonged in a magazine, not a house with kids, so I was relieved to see your real room!

  5. YOU are amazing! I don't know how you manage to get so much done!
    Also, you have some GREAT rooms in that pretty house!
    I am excited to read your "A Childlike Christmas" post tomorrow! I can't wait to enjoy everyone's thoughts and pictures!

  6. I almost fainted when I saw that picture!!!! Like I SO WANT that room!!!!! And then I laughed really hard at your joke :) I love your real room, and it looks perfectly beautiful and like a place I'd love to putter around in :)


  7. oh that is a lovely craft room something to dream about makes me want to paint all my furniture for the craft room white!! I might just do that :) my craft area is pretty pathetic looking right now lol~Thanks for sharing and I am right with ya I do hope I get to sew sometime soon!! I have been really torn about Christmas Anna really would like some doll things but shipping seems just ridiculous like 100$ to ship so I think I will be sewing some doll clothes for her and saving that money for something more worthy and meaningful but that means I better get to work .....:O ~Praying be both fit in some sewing time soon Love Heather

  8. But Deborah, you have a wonderful craft room!

    I have hopes of one day making one of the bedrooms in my house into a craft room.

    I am enjoying seeing your progress in organizing...goal setting is a very good thing.


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