Tuesday, November 15, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 9 The Gear)

As I've said before, I am not a real cleany. Ask my mom. She's appalled at what I can ignore. She loves to clean. I on the other hand,  do not. She has the patience for it. I do not. Over the eighteen years of being a wife and mother, I've slowly developed what works best for me to get things clean fairly quickly and efficiently. It doesn't mean I clean more frequently, it just means that when I do, I want it to be quick and effective. I also want minimal chemical yuck in my home. So, first off, I mostly use Melaleuca and Enjo products. Pricey to start with, but that evens out in the long run. Plus I really like knowing that I am not using any nasty chemicals in my home where I live most of my time.

For counters and appliances, I use my green Enjo cleaning cloths and water. That's all. They come up beautiful every time.

For my scummy bathrooms, I cheat. (Sorry Enjo). I use my white Enjo cloths and  Melaleuca's Tub and Tile.

Mirrors? I've never found anything to be completely fool proof yet for consistently streak free mirrors. Mostly I use my white Enjo mitt (seen above) ( just wet down with water) . Wipe gently -- not completely dry -- with the cloth, and then use a good lint free old tea towel to make it shine (but not necessarily perfectly streak free. Boooo!).

For floors, I use a bucket with Melaleuca's Tough and Tender and my blue Enjo (again, sorry Enjo) cleaning cloth. I like to clean my floors on my knees. They come up dirt free and sparkling as quickly as my complaining knees allow.

(This cloth takes a beating. Even though it looks (and is) dirty now, a spin in the machine and it will come out nice and clean again).

For dirtied up walls and doors I just use whichever Enjo cloth  -- or any cloth for that matter that is handy at the time, and just wipe 'em down.

For windows (my next post), I use a damp microfiber cloth and a tea towel. Yes, that's it. I am a freak about clean windows. Love 'em! And  can be known to obsess about them. Again, my mom thinks I'm a little nuts because I can ignore the other mess, but dirty windows can drive me nuts. Sometimes I just close the sheers. Much better :o)!

(Note the dirt. I haven't washed them since cleaning the windows.)

Now that I've bored you with my cleaning gear, I'll move on to windows....


  1. I just have to laugh a little because of your compulsion about clean windows. I never notice mine...I don't think I have done them all in over three years. I should probably rectify that. But I have other things that I obsess about and others could probably leave (for me, it's dishes). I use mostly Norwex and Melaleuca for cleaning. Enjo sounds like it is similar to Norwex, though I have never heard of it.

  2. You want clean windows because you have such an amazingly beautiful back yard and front yard to admire!
    Great job!


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