Tuesday, November 15, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 10 Windows)

This is a job takes a full day, but because we have other commitments most weekends, it took us more than one Saturday to complete. I also say we because the Engineer was involved in this job too.

In the autumn, after we've had a couple of good hard frosts and the fields around us have been harvested, I like to take out all our window screens, clean the windows good inside and out, and wash down all the screens. We then put the screens away in the basement to store them out of the weather until the warm weather (and {unfortunately} the flies) makes an appearance.

All I use on the windows is a bucket of water, a microfiber cloth, and an old tea towel. If the windows are really dirty, I might change the water once, but usually it's not too bad.

The screens on the other hand are always really dirty. I change the water frequently to wash them. Usually I start by wetting them down with the garden hose. Then like the windows, I fill a bucket with water. The only difference, is this time I use my blue Enjo cleaning cloth for washing and wipe them day with an Enjo microfiber cloth.

Since I was feeling lazy this time, I let them dry in the wind and sunshine. They're not as clean, but knowing me, I'll go over them again in the spring.

Yes, there are some things I'm a little oddly obsessive about. I LOVE clean windows!


  1. We SO need to do this!! We have some really tall windows and with Adam having knee surgery not too long ago, I'm actually considering having them done professionally. But here's my question for you: why do you leave your screens off during the winter? Is it a pain to put them on again in the spring?

  2. Good question, Beth! Because we live in the country, it is almost always windy. Between the wind, the snow, and the dirt that is picked up with the snow, I think it's hard on our screens. Plus, it makes for a really yucky view out the windows. I figure the dirt on the windows distorts our view enough, never mind adding in the dirty screens. Just my feelings though. As I said, I'm a little obsessive about clean windows :oS.

  3. We almost never clean our windows... Especially the outside of them. We did do the deck door at our old house when we noticed the prints all over it. :)

    Great way to keep your windows looking nice, and your screens in good condition. We used to live out in the middle of five acres, and since we didn't clean our screens, many were ruined.



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