Wednesday, November 9, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 6 The Bathrooms)

We have the ridiculous luxury of having three bathrooms. I guess with seven females in the house maybe it's not ridiculous, but it's still a luxury. Instead of boring my readers to death with multiple photos of all our bathrooms, I thought I would lump all three bathrooms together. I usually clean all three on the same day anyways, so why separate them out.

It may sound like I am a neat freak and a clean freak, but I am most definitely not either one. Here is my motto:

Our home is never totally clean. There may be a clean room or two, but that's likely on a good day. However, I do like to have a place for everything and always know where everything is though. Having to continually search for things drives me mad!

Because we have the luxury of three bathrooms -- all of which we designed ourselves, we have made them all to suit our needs as best as we could foresee. The main floor bathroom is Bub's for showering and getting handsome ;o). It's also the one I'm the most particular about keeping clean because it's used by everyone including company. There's not much in it. Extra toilet paper, soap, etc., so there really isn't a need for lots of storage. Good thing, because it's a tiny bathroom.

He has his own drawer.

The next bathroom belongs to the Engineer and I. It's in the master suite. It's ours and ours alone and it's huge. I call it part of my retreat and

I am seriously thinking of putting a coffee maker on the counter in it simply because there's room and then I won't have to leave our bedroom right away in the morning. Yessss!! Oddly enough (or maybe not), the first aid stuff, pharmaceutical stuff, etc. is all kept in here to keep it out of reach of the younger crowd. We have one child who would wear a new band aid or more every day if she had access to them. We have lots of storage in our bathroom and I could technically stock up on various bathroom items that go on sale, but I don't -- except for those that belong to the fairer gender, if you know what I mean :o). I'm planning on getting the Engineer to buy shares in that stuff very soon ;o)!

On the girls' floor is the final bathroom. We had their vanity made with eight drawers. Six smaller ones and two larger ones.

Each girl has a drawer for their stuff -- whatever it may be.

The two larger drawers hold odds and ends of things. Such as hair products -- and that stuff that they don't want to think about yet.

Finally, the weird phenomenon that you will only see in the girls' bathroom. Here's where I think I need to work on some convincing.

Do we really need all that hair stuff?!? Incredible!!! See how happy I am about baskets?

Finally, a little tip on containing all the itty bitty hair stuff that little girls love. (This only works really well if you don't have a fisherman in the family, which we don't).

Glad I could help :o).


  1. Emma just saw a Caboodles at the store the other day. I had no idea they were still around--do you remember those?

  2. I do! I always wanted one. Didn't happen. Hopefully my girls don't clue in or the tackle box will never do :o)!

  3. Very, very clever with the tackle box, but do your smalls put stuff in that neatly? Or do you have to organize it daily?

    LOVE the baskets!

  4. Okay, I am going out today to buy a tackle box. What a great idea!

  5. love the tackle box! I loved caboodles! My older girls had them....

  6. Oh that is perfect! Almost like a boys bathroom, parents bathroom, and girls bathroom! :)

    HAHA made me laugh when you said "stuff they don't want to think about yet"! :) Tell them not to worry!

    Great job, and a perfect idea with the tackle box! You're not the only one with hair stuff overload!



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